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Are you looking for real estate photography packages?


Real Estate Photography pricing packages and a full property photography price lists are available at Digital 1 right now. We don't hide our prices behind an online form or application process. What's the point, and what are 'they' trying to hide?

Home vendors, real estate agents, property developers, and marketing experts can all see what Photography costs at any given time. Having a home or property professionally photographed is a vital component. Make sure you have professional real estate marketing services applied to your current listing.



BRONZE -3 Photos

SILVER - 5 Photos

GOLD - 8 Photos

PLATINUM - 18 Photos







Photos are delivered within 24hrs from the time of the photoshoot, All Fridays work is delivered on Monday


BRONZE -3 Photos

SILVER - 5 Photos

GOLD - 8 Photos

PLATINUM - 18 Photos







Photos are delivered within 24hrs from the time of the photoshoot, All Fridays work is delivered on Monday

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Day to Dusk

If you need to refresh an older listing or add some mood to your property photo, D1 can turn day into night

Dusk Conversion               $25ea

Virtual Furniture

Sell the dream with Virtual furniture. Nothing beats a styled home for capturing  a home buyers attention

Furnish 1 Room               $65ea

Furnish 3+ Rooms           $45ea

Item Removal

D1 can remove almost anything annoying from your property photos. Cars, bins, trailers and even fix the grass

Special Edits             from  $10

Special Editing

By supplying property photography packages to the public we allow mums and dads and investors alike to gauge what it might cost go down the path of selling their own home.

 We don't gather your data and try and sell it back to you in form of email campaigns and mail outs. Our information on Real Estate Photo Pricing is available for everybody. these days are definitely marketing towards the end-user and bypassing real estate agents. What this means is that you still have to have the marketing created for your property for sale. Digital 1 is on board with you to help make this a reality.

By using our online property photography price list and checking all of our real estate marketing pricing you can build your own property marketing packages. By creating your own package for real estate marketing you can add up the costs associated if you're trying to sell any property.

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 How much should you pay to have your home photographed?

Many people think that if you pay more for property marketing you will receive a better job and this is not always true. The price you pay will depend on the time of day and the number of photographs you require for your property. Real estate photographers in Sydney 

Real estate photography pricing explained.

 When it comes to pricing a real estate photography shoot you have to consider a few things.

  1.  How long will it take whilst at the property to photograph all of the rooms in the house for commercial purposes?

  2. What is required after the photoshoot with regards to editing, image processing and client procedures?

  3. Obviously pricing your product in the marketplace has to be competitive and also your pricing needs to be justified with the service of photography that you offer.

Once you consider all of these factors you can price your photography packages in accordance with the industry that your servicing. Commercial photographers will spend a different amount of time on a job than a portrait photographer or a real estate photographer. 


Editing processes can be vastly different between different types of photoshoots. On occasion, a quick random hand-held snap can be thrown in without much effort and very little time. At Digital 1 we often do these hand-held compositional snaps for our clients just as a gesture of goodwill and basically a freebie.

Pricing your photography packages correctly shouldn't take much time. You just have to consider every issue and you'll soon have your prices ready to go. Most photography companies do not display their prices online which can make it quite difficult for their customers shopping around.


At Digital 1 we are more than happy to show all of our pricing so that you can make an informed decision on the marketing you may need moving forward. Who's got the time to fill in forms and ask the same old question "how much is your product". Aren't they just going to tell you their basic product prices anyway?


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Real estate photography packages

Check out all of digital 1 real estate photography packages. Powerful property photography price list will give you the answers to your questions how much does real estate photography cost a full end inclusive price list is the best thing you need when pricing your real estate photography for clients. We won't hide our prices behind an online for. Nor will we make you call or email us for our full photography price list.

All of our real estate photography packages are available on our pricing page. You may not be aware of just how affordable it is to photograph your next Real Estate advertisement.

Nearly all properties today require professional photography if you're advertising them online. We won't bore you with the statistics of how successful professional photos are when it comes to selling homes.


A smart real estate agent knows all too well that without Expert Property Marketing that he or she does not stand a chance of getting buyers to the home.

Having an online price list for real estate photography is a very handy tool. When you're chatting to your next client about pricing for real estate photos and real estate marketing you can simply jump onto our Digital 1 pricing page and keep them well-informed as to the actual costs professionals real estate marketing.


You may look online if asked the question how much does real estate photography cost. Don't have these embarrassing moments happen to you. You could even email directly the link to our pricing page where your client could see all our property pricing packages photography packages.


Sometimes the homeowner wants to pay for their own house photographs so they can keep them for nostalgic reasons. As a real estate agent, you will look very honest when there is no markup within your real estate marketing campaign.

Especially for photos, floorplansvideos and aerial photos

 Does more expensive photography mean better photos

Many of the larger companies that do attract more clients will often have the advantage of charging more due to being busy but this is no guarantee I've got quality work.

In fact, my preferences have always been, smaller companies deliver higher quality real estate photography. It is commonplace now to hear our friends and colleagues complaining that the bigger the company gets the lower the quality and service. So do not be fooled by the high-end marketing content they push out because it is no guarantee that you will have a high end experienced professional photographer complete the job.

Photography Pricing and Packages for REAL ESTATE AGENTS. ALSO Builders and Architecture Photography rates and Packages. Photography price lists


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