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Real Estate Videos

Property Video Services

Video is an incredibly effective marketing tool today. With a well-produced professional video, the visual appeal draws your viewer in and creates interest in whatever the video is marketing. Imagine the possibilities for your business and your clients!

Digital 1 Photography has been producing high-quality property videos for many years for its clients.

Whether for the real estate industry or any commercial business, property, products, individuals or teams, Digital 1 Photography offers a range of video options to boost your marketing campaign and sales.

Types of real estate videos

Available options are:

Basic Showreel

The simplest way to create a cost-effective video that will pack a marketing punch.

Info Showreel

Adding more value to the viewing experience and great for building your business portfolio.

High-End Property Video

This can include an agent introduction, slides displaying the features of the property with a voice-over and the agent’s details and logo.

Walk-Through Video

A continuous video giving the viewer a sense of being in the property, walking through and viewing it in person. This is a perfect cost-effective way to showcase any property listing.

As a bonus, all real estate videos created by Digital 1 Photography are supplied with a YouTube link for easy uploading. Check out some of our videos HERE

So, if you want to best your marketing efforts, a professional video produced by Digital 1 Photography will be your best return for investment.


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