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  • Wayne Robertson

Improved Real Estate listings with Virtual Furniture

Updated: Sep 6, 2020


More and more real estate agents are turning to a more affordable approach to styling properties that are for sale. Virtual furniture is the best way to keep costs down for vendors that might be on a budget.

Let's face, who isn't on a budget these days. By using Digital 1 as your property styling experts we can save you a tonne of money by adding virtual furniture.

Check out this photo that was supplied to us. Simple bedroom shot that has no furniture. Open space, which is nice, but

empty all the same.

If i had to be super picky here, i would even say that the construction outside can be noticed more easily because there is nothing else to distract the viewer from seeing it.

NOW! check out the room again. This time using virtual furniture to enhance and finish the room off.

The buyer can now see a better idea of what could be. The construction work is still there, however less noticeable to a degree.

The buyer can also dream a little about furniture style that they may never before.

Styling a House For Sale

When you are selling a property online, it makes good sense to display the property in the best possible way to the new buyers. By allowing the home buyers to view it with furniture can dramatically improve your inquiry odds. Virtual home staging is a very cost effective way of improving the homes online appeal. Take he following interior photo. Although the angle is shot well by Digital 1 photographers, it could be improved by adding some lifestyle furniture settings.

It does display in the photo an open space and also great room for a bedroom setting. However the buyer could be enticed greatly by the following bedroom photograph which has virtual furniture within it.

Now we can see how styling a house for sale has huge potential for all types of buyers. Its true that some home buyers can visualize the setting but others will need to see it for themselves. When you use our Sydney property staging you are sure to improve all of your real estate listings. Especially the empty ones.

Statistically, more people click through on photos with furniture within them. Its not unlike the BIG MAC hamburger in the McDonalds advertising. You would never see them showing just a burger with only cheese on it. They show everything possible to make it look tastier.

Make your listings look tastier too, with VIRTUAL FURNITURE.

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