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Office Floor Plans

Are you looking for an office floor plan drawing service?

  Digital 1 supplies floor plans for your office and workspace areas. If you are reorganising your office, a floor plan can help.  Maybe you're ordering some new furniture and need to know the exact size of your work space.  There are many reasons for an office floor plan.

 All we require is access to your workplace or office to measure up.  Within 24hrs we will supply you with a technical drawing of all the walls, Windows doorways, bench spaces and kitchen areas.

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Office Floor Plans

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Office Floor Plans | Digital 1 | Floor plan service

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An office floor plan is a graphic that depicts the layout of your office space from the top down. The position of walls, doors, windows, staircases, and elevators, as well as any restrooms, kitchens, or eating areas, will often be depicted on the office floor plan.

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Floor Plan Drawing Service for office space and commercial interiors

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By having a floor plan drawn up of your office space will allow you to actually see the space at hand. Now you can improve the flow of people traffic and minimise wasted time for all of your workforce.


Open workplaces make team members more available to one other by tearing down walls and placing employee workstations together in flexible configurations. However before this can take place you will require the dimensions of your office environment measured and drawn up.


Place compatible employees where they perform the best. Office equipment can be best utilised in the correct positions for all of your team.


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What is an office floor plan?

An office floorplan is a drawing or layout of an office space that shows the walls, rooms, and other features of the space. It can be used to help plan and design an office, or to simply understand the layout of an existing office.

Why are office floor plans important?

The layout and design of an office floorplan are important because they can affect employee productivity and creativity. So it's important to consult with employees and get their input before designing the plan. Common features of an office floorplan usually include open areas for collaboration, closed offices for privacy, and meeting spaces.

Some offices also include a common area where employees can take a break or eat lunch. And many office buildings now have a "war room" or boardroom that can be used for meetings with clients or investors.

How long does it take measure my office space?

Taking into account, an average 3 room office space with an entry foyer, your floor plan should take no longer than 20 minutes to measure and draw.  Obviously, measuring up your office space for a floor plan will take longer if the office space is larger. Unlike property floor plans, Some offices have a simple layout with only a few rooms and an entry point whereas larger offices can incorporate dozens of rooms including kitchens, rest areas, outside courtyards and many other modern design elements.

Does the floor plan measurer have to move our office equipment?

It is very rare that our professional floor plan team have to move office furniture. Actually, I don't think we have ever had to. So you can rest easy knowing that office space floor plans are quite noninvasive with regard to furniture moving

What equipment is used to measure my office?  

At Digital 1 we have a couple of ways to measure your office space. We can use our laser measurement devices or we could implement out floor plan bot. Both have advantages for this type of measuring. Given the openness of offices in general, we would opt for the floor plan bot to create the office drawing for you.

Where do you find an office floor plan service?

By simply Googling the search term 'Office floor plans' you should see quickly some results that should lead you to many businesses only that will be able to help you with your office floorplan drawing. if you cannot find anything on Google, we at Digital 1 are always here to help you. 

When do i recieve my office floor plan?

Digital 1 prides itself on 24 hour turnaround time. Most companies are needing a speedy floor plan service to supply them with a ready to use office drawing and layout. 

Digital 1 offers comprehensive office floor plan services that cater to the needs of businesses of all sizes. Our team of experts provides office floor plans that outline the actual area of your office or work room. Great if you are setting up your new office space.

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