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Digital 1 have Commercial Photographers ready to photograph your next great idea or product line. Professionals for business photos throughout Sydney. Show off your company in the best possible way with high-quality photographs from Digital 1.

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What Is Commercial Photography?
Quite simply, commercial photography is catered towards any commercial usage that is for business, company use, sales and marketing. Images that help to sell a product or gain better marketplace appeal. It may surprise some people just how widespread commercial photographs are used in everyday marketing campaigns. Any picture on a bus, shopfront, billboard or even cinema ads all have profit-based intent when being taken by the photographer.


Commercial photoshoots in Sydney.

A day in the life of a Sydney commercial photographer.

Commercial photography is a wonderful career path. Capturing great photographs of premises and businesses alike is great fun and challenging. Every photoshoot is different from the last. Every day is a different day with a new approach and a new goal. 

 Most commercial photography in Sydney is all about promoting some kind of product or service. Sydney is alive with new clients all wanting to showcase their product or services online. This online presence is all about images. Great professional photos of everything on offer.

Commercial photography basics.

Commercial photography basics encompass essential skills and techniques needed to produce compelling visual content for businesses.

Understanding lighting, composition, and equipment is fundamental. Comercially qualified Photographers must master the art of capturing products, corporate headshots, and architectural elements to effectively convey a brand's identity to the public. Attention to detail is crucial, ensuring that images sit well with the client's vision and marketing goals.

Versatility in various genres, such as food, fashion, and industrial photography, is advantageous. Also post-production skills, including photo editing and retouching, play a significant role in delivering polished, professional images that stand out in the competitive commercial landscape.

Overall, commercial photography basics are the foundation for creating impactful and visually appealing content.


Product photography.

It's expected that you should be able to produce breathtaking photos of a product being sold for a certain company. From the tiniest of items to very large ones. Your commercial photoshoot could be parts to an engine for a parts Supply Company.

You could be photographing the latest rims and tyres for a wheel manufacturer or tyre company. It can be anything imaginable. The next time you pick up a newspaper or a magazine think about the wonderful photographs that are presented to you. They have all been captured by a commercial photographer at some time. 


Business Services Photography.

This type of photography generally includes people within the photograph. By applying humans to your commercial photoshoot, will imply a more personal business to deal with and a friendlier outlook. Imagine McDonald's advertising a hamburger without people enjoying the hamburger. It would appear cold and uninteresting.

One of the larger brands Coca-Cola will never ever advertise without people enjoying their product. Some days you will have to travel some distance because commercial photography requires that you are onsite much of the time.

Commercial photography planning.

Every commercial photoshoot requires some sort of planning, especially your mindset. It’s paramount to achieving the company's goal. Having a brief from the company or business is very handy. This brief of the company's expectations allows you to see it from their side. On many occasions, however, Digital 1 has received no brief at all as to the client's expectations. This is also fine but requires a little bit of experience from the photographer. This is probably because the company has not had photos taken before and are relying on the photographer's ability and expertise in marketing.


Equipment that a commercial photographer will use depends on the type of photography and also will depend on the type of product or service being captured. Smaller intricate items require macro lenses and close up work whereas architectural photography, for instance, requires wide-angle lenses instead. If you're shooting portraits or company headshots or business profiles then portrait lenses are essential. In saying this every photographer has a different style and every photographer uses lenses differently.

It's truly amazing to see the different results from different photographers using the same lens


Commercial photography pricing.

Pricing for commercial photography can vary and always will. It always comes down to time spent on the job and difficulties within that job. A commercial photoshoot of a small item falls into the product photo category and usually, your travel is minimal because you often shoot in a controlled environment mainly your studio. Small products parts or items can be delivered to your photography studio allowing you to take your time with your lighting and everything involved. Obviously, there is a fee for using your studio that should always be applied.

Oftentimes commercial photography is on-site or at the business premises. Therefore travel fees always apply. You can't be expected to be running around town in traffic with parking and tolls etc and not get paid for that. Most of the clients we’re shooting for have a commercial business of some sort so totally understand the travel fees must be included within the commercial photography quote.


Time on the job should also be applied and is a little difficult sometimes to factor in. If you're on a building site you may have to have an induction course just to enter the site. These can take an hour or two depending on the worksite. Other times you might have to meet with the site manager you can lose 20 minutes just waiting for him to arrive.

Many factors go into time on a job. At Digital 1 photography we do our best to minimise costs associated with commercial photography. Our high-quality photographers are well aware that a small amount of time could be lost with these tiny issues. When we edit our commercial photography photos we have to understand the result required. On occasion, we'll photograph items to be cut out of the scenery and applied to a neutral background. This might be to eliminate any distractions around the item being promoted or service being promoted. This could apply to something like furniture, vehicles and fashion or any other product that requires isolation on a product page.


Shooting on location

Shooting on location as a commercial photography service Digital 1 photographers often find themselves having to deal with traffic issues, parking dilemmas and all other factors when trying to find and locate hard to find locations.

Usually, we have to deal with foot traffic in our way and also vehicles are often difficult to eliminate. When photographing location photography for companies and businesses, it is always easier when they are on a substantial patch of land. Even better when they can supply us parking.

With the many real estate photoshoots that we handle, it's often the case that the exterior photos are more difficult. Busy roads can hamper our ideal shooting Point. On occasion, we had to jump on a boat or ferry to access the best vantage point for great photos.

We have to Charter helicopters from time to time as well. Now with the introduction of drone photography and aerial photographs we can, on occasion, jump on a boat for access to the best vantage point for great photos. Shooting on location has its challenges but at Digital 1 we always find a way

Success in the studio

Studio commercial photography. Digital one has a great studio for commercial photography. We have a large space and all the equipment required for relatively large work. Having a studio is an added advantage for product photography. We can control the lighting needed and also the weather doesn't affect us at all.

Given that our commercial photography studio is close to our main office we can work at any time we like which opens up time slots and gives us a great advantage. I can finish a day's photoshoots and then make my way to the office and see instant results ready for post-production.

Architectural photographers. 

As a professional commercial photographer for many years, I have understood lighting for the shapes and textures involved with architectural design. More than just a photograph of a building, I understand the architects to some degree.

I understand it can make a building appear as a tremendous impression on the landscape or I can make it appear as a subtle inclusion in its surroundings. Working in the real estate photography industry for many years I soon learnt the art of capturing three-dimensional images correctly and compression techniques used to change the shape of many surfaces.

I think you also have to have the eye of a viewer or passerby. This will give an alternate meaning to the way you approach the job. In other words, everyday people have to ‘get’ what you capture.


Types Of Commercial Photography

There are many types of commercial photography that take place within Digital 1 Daily routines. These include the following:

In fact any photography that promotes a company item or product can be classed as commercial photography.  

Being a commercial photographer has become very enjoyable and I look forward to each and every time I come across something new and different.


Sometimes it's a building company trying to showcase its newest development. Other times it is a fabrication company wanting to show off their new aluminium profile that sits on the exterior of a gigantic skyscraper.

It can be a glass company showcasing their latest panels and windows and oftentimes it could be a humble painter wanting to show the transformation of something old and tired into something new by his hand.


Whatever the commercial photography job is, it's always exciting. Photographing commercially requires me to put on a different cap every day and involve myself mentally into the photoshoot more than people expect or understand.

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