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DL size 99mm × 210mm


A4 size 197mm × 210mm


DL  2 sided, CMYK  Full Colour
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A4  2 sided, CMYK  Full Colour

Gloss Only
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A4  4 & 8 sided, CMYK  Full Colour
property brochures
real estate brochures
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210mm x 210mm
signboards for real estate
property signboard

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How does a signboard work?

The first thing that is signboard will do for your home for sale is to notify all the locals within your area about the sale.

What will be the number one factor when people see a signboard out front of your home? How much is your home worth they will be thinking therefore how much is my home going to be worth?

Especially your neighbours will be keeping an eye on the sale and how much money it sells for. Also, people who found your online advertisement through your real estate agent will want to find your home quickly and the signboard will help them do that.

The signboard can also show other aspects of your home that they otherwise could not see.  The pool, back entertainment areas, kitchen and interior layout and all shown on the signboard.

Your real estate agent details for contact will be on the signboard as well, especially important when people feel motivated to ask some more questions or to ask for the price. 

Does a property signboard really work?

1. Signboards work in two parts, the first part being a contact point for the real estate agent selling your home. People may be very interested and want to ask some questions there for the signboard leads than to you're selling agent who can answer those questions.

2. Your real estate signboard tells people that the home is actually for sale.

Should I have a signboard to sell my house?

It's not necessary to have a signboard to sell your home because a lot of successful online marketing campaigns can do just that. However, if you are in a busy area with a lot of passing traffic it can be a real attention grabber for homebuyers looking. So no it isn't actually something you require to sell your property but every little bit helps when it comes to grabbing the attention of Homebuyers.

Your neighbours may just know somebody who wants to move into the area or they may have a family member wanting to move closer. Your real estate signboard lets them know your house is for sale.

How big should the signboard be at the front of my house?

There are different types of signboards for real estate. You can choose a very large signboard showing a lot more professional photographs and grabbing the attention of home buyers. You can have a medium-sized signboard which will be cheaper to purchase and still do a reasonable job at attracting buyers and notifying the community of the sale of your house.

You can have a Slimline signboard which is the smallest signboard available and may have something written on it like for sale and your agent's details. It's not going to shout but it will let people know your home is on the market.

Do real estate brochures really work?

When people visit your home for inspection, your real estate agent generally will hand out a coloured brochure. This coloured brochure can detail some of the aspects of your home for sale that the buyer would not know otherwise. It can show a floor plan which is the layout of your home. Your real estate brochure can detail the types of fittings that you have and also your location to amenities nearby. It also looks professional to have your house photos of your home printed in a high-quality way in a real estate brochure and will stay with the homebuyer longer than their memory.

Once they return back home they can look over the brochure, again and again, hoping to inspire them more to make an offer on your home. A few days may pass and that brochure will still be sitting on their dining table shouting out of them, I'm still here, I'm still here. What a great marketing tool a brochure can be in any property marketing campaign.

How many brochures should my agent print?

The number of real estate brochures your agent should print would depend on how many people attend your open home or enquire about your property.

In the boom times when there are many many more buyers, it would be fair to it would be reasonable to assume more brochures are necessary. I will suggest between 100 and 200 real estate brochures be printed. This will allow ample handouts and last the duration of the property marketing campaign.

What sort of brochures should I print to sell my house?

Real estate brochures come in all shapes and types. The type you should choose when you sell your property will come down to budget and your real estate agent choices. Most real estate agents run brochures that suit their marketing brand while others have several choices that you can choose from.

Becoming more popular these days is the square brochure only because it looks different from an A4 brochure. When selling developments and bigger property marketing campaigns some agents will choose a landscape flip brochure. These landscape brochures do have a panoramic edge to them which makes the property seem more luxurious and of high quality. Ask your real estate agent what type of real estate brochure he/she uses to sell properties.


Do real estate flyers actually work?

From the 60s to the 70s 80s and even today real estate agents still print real estate flyers and pop them in the letterboxes of thousands of homes. Whether they work or not is hard to say. Personally, I believe they're outdated and get thrown in the bin. However, on a rare occasion, some real estate agents get a call from someone who may have remembered their face from a real estate flyer. I believe that online marketing is much more powerful.

When utilising your property marketing budget you can have a property video created or even aerial photos or a 3D floor plan. These items will be viewed a lot more than what is considered junk mail. A lot of real estate agents who have been operating for 20, 30 and 40 years are a little old school when it comes to marketing and doesn't understand the modern ways by which people find products. If you ask me I would say no the letterbox drops. The only letterbox drop I would place is to the surrounding 10 or 20 properties notifying them that your house is actually for sale.

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