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Real estate Photo Editing

Let Digital 1 edit your off-camera photos. You shoot, and we can edit them into beautiful real estate marketable images.  Use your phone or camera. 

Agents Photo - Before

real estate photo editing service

Digital 1 - After

real estate photo editing

Have your photos edited

Real estate agents sometimes require a quick fix on their photos. Now you can help yourself with our editing service. We will adjust or edit anything you like to help with your marketing images.

Agents Photo - Before

Messy kitchen photo

Digital 1 - After

Edited Kitchen Photo

Messy Kitchen Photo

Digital 1 have taken a very messy kitchen photo and cleaned out most items to create a more pleasing image. We added a fridge and cleaned the walls too.

Agents Photo - Before

driveway photo

Digital 1 - After

driveway photo edited

Dark Exterior Photo

This wet rainy day photo was supplied to us and needed to be made bright and sunny. We have improved the brick colours and removed the wet look.

Agents Photo - Before

Messy front of house photo

Digital 1 - After

Edited front of house photo

Building Materials Removed

Renovations can get in the way. Digital 1 can eliminate renovation materials in our photo editing service. Leaving a better impression.

Agents Photo - Before

Overcast house photo
sunny day house photo

Digital 1 - After

Overcast to Sunny and Bright

Many times, we take a drab house photo and brighten it up to be used with online property marketing

Contact us NOW for fast interior and exterior photo editing

Agents photo editing

Virtual furniture placement into otherwise empty photos can greatly improve the buyer's excitement and give them some idea as to what the home could look like once furnished and being lived in. Building the dreams of the viewer also builds their emotional connection to a property. Through Virtual furniture (otherwise known as Digital Furniture Styling) this can be achieved. Sydney suburbs are full of homes for sale. Make yours the one they want to buy with virtual furniture.  Digital Styling Sydney, 3D Furniture Sydney, Sydney virtual furniture.

Simply send us your photographs of empty rooms and we can fill it with fresh modern digital furniture. Even your buyers will never know the difference with our furniture staging. Obviously buyers will turn up to an empty house for sale but this problem if far better than having no buyers turn up to your property for sale.

Virtual Furniture - Digital Furniture - Digital Styling


What is virtual staging?

Virtual staging is the addition of furnishings to an otherwise empty a property. Giving the home buyer a better idea of how the home could be furnished and lived in and sparking a home buyers interest. Statistically, real estate marketing campaigns with virtual staging attract more clicks. You could have beautiful lounge suites and high-end coffee tables to improve the interior design of any room. Digital styling is great for covering an otherwise dirty floor or shabby carpet. Homebuyers that are viewing online advertisements will have a better understanding of the property given the lifelike illusion of a furnished home

What is Digital furniture?

Digital furniture is simply computerised pieces of home furnishings used to enhance any photo. Sometimes known as digital styling and also virtual furniture. Property marketing campaigns for an empty home can be greatly improved using computerized 3D furniture within the layout.

The digital range of 3D furnishings is quite remarkable and the textures are extremely lifelike. Lighting falling across each item is carried out in a realistic manner and gives an almost undetectable impression of a well-furnished property.

How do I get digital styling done?

It's easy to have digital styling on your empty property. Simply visit and head over to the virtual furniture page. It's there that you will find examples of our quality work and you can simply book in with the team. If you have photographs already you can upload them to us and we will have them furnished immediately for you. It's sure to increase your traffic and online views.

How much does virtual staging or virtual furniture cost?

The cost to have a photograph digitally enhanced will start at around $10 or something simple but in the case of virtual furnishings will probably push up towards the $50 given there is a lot more work involved. However, if digital styling sells your home faster and at a better price, how do you put a value or a cost on such an important procedure.

What are the benefits to digitally styling my property?

The benefits of digital styling and adding virtual furniture to your photographs can be huge. Most importantly, attracting all home buyers to your house is paramount for your online marketing campaign. The more people that see your ad and are attracted to it, for whatever reason, the more it's sure to get the more bids. The more bids on your home the higher the bidding price will become.

How long does it take to virtually furnish my home for sale?

When creating computerised furniture within a photograph of an empty room it does take some time to set up the correct angles so that the perspective of the furniture is correct. The things to take into consideration are the lighting and the direction of light that falls onto the furniture within the scene. Proportions are also very important and must be correct in the ratio of the room itself.

This all takes time to have your digitally enhanced photograph look as real as possible. Normally digital 1 photography can add virtual furniture to your photograph in around 20 to 30 minutes and have them delivered to your business the following day.

What type of virtual furniture is used for digital styling and what is digital furniture?

Digital 1 can utilise all different styles of furniture to enhance your empty room. We can add modern furniture to a new sleek modern home or we can add period furniture to an older style of the home. Dozens of 3D furniture styles are available when creating virtual furniture or 3D furniture for your photographs. Digital furniture is as the name suggests a computerized image of a piece of furniture used in the commercial world. In photographs, we can add tables, cheers, 3D lounges, coffee tables, pictures on the wall and anything that is furniture related within a home.

Will virtual property staging help to sell my home?

Selling a property can be rather tricky with regards to catching a home buyer's eye. With an online picture, it must be good to great and very attractive. Statistically, it has been shown that a beautifully furnished property will always attract and has always attracted more buyers than empty unfurnished properties. I guess it's the case of a finished product vs an unfinished product.

 Having Virtual furniture in the home sells the idea of actually living there and enjoying the comforts within. If the home being sold is empty it would be fair to say it represents nobody living there. Cold, empty, uninviting. Imagine a pool company selling a pool with no water vs a pool company selling a pool with clean sparkling and invigorating water.

You can see my point.

 It is no different when selling a property. You want to sell the idea to the client or new buyer of how their lives could be. A fantasy world if you will. So yes there is a marked improvement in the amount of online traffic your house will receive.

Why would I use digital furniture in my property marketing campaign?

When marketing any product it's all about getting the most eyes to see that product. 99% of the time anybody shopping online will be attracted to a photo or image first. Therefore having a case for great photos of your product is a strong one. Serious, high-performance real estate companies that outsell lower-performing real estate agents always place a high emphasis on beautiful photography. When you consider that the only thing an online buyer chasing any product has, is generally a picture of that product.

Virtual staging price list?

Virtual furniture pricing can be found here at virtual staging pricing. We have bundled packages so Call Heather to chat about virtual styling and home staging Sydney price list. You can choose precisely the amount of 3D digital styling photographs that you need.

Digital 1 supplies real estate agents Australia-wide for all of their 3D furniture in real estate marketing campaigns.

It also is known as digital styling or digital furniture. Let our professional Sydney property staging team have virtual furniture placed into your photographs in a cost-effective way, and boost your listings today. Virtual furniture pricing. Digital furniture pricing. Digital styling price list. Digital furniture and virtual styling prices.

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