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Due to the ever-increasing fuel costs, a $5 fuel levy will be added to each

job to help keep the boy's vehicles on the road. Thanks for understanding.

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Professional Real Estate Photographer
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How to choose the correct photographer.

I always wondered what makes customers choose a specific service, especially photographers. When you land on a photography company's web page you're automatically bombarded with the highlights from their portfolio, the best photographs they've taken. But how are you to know what their general work quality is like? How are you to know whether they turn up on time and are dressed appropriately for your clients and with all the professional equipment required to complete a high-quality task? The simple fact of the matter is that you don't, but there are a couple of questions you could ask the photography company. Does the photographer own property themselves? Has the photographer ever bought a property or an investment home?  Do they know the selling procedure, the timeline, deadlines and everything else that goes along with a real estate agents agenda? Have they ever had to deal with a stressed tenant or even worse a divorce dispute? From my experience in the real estate industry, most large photography/printing companies hire inexperienced photographers and send them out into the field to generate company profits. This just isn't good enough for your number one investment.

Images are owned by Digital 1 and the paying client. Images can be re-sold to vendors if required.

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Digital 1 Photography bookings page. Get in touch with us today at 0405 266 366 or use our online bookings form to send your details.  Our professionals will be more than happy to help you.

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