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Wayne Robertson

wayne@digital1.com.au | Phone: 0405 266 366

With camera in hand and a true passion for everything he is involved with, Wayne Robertson loves his work more than most. Spanning over 15 years behind the camera makes him highly experienced and is always trying to re-invent his ideas regarding photographs. He believes that 'composition is king' and places this mantra first and foremost in his mind when taking aim.

Daniel Chippindall

With photography skills and Photoshop knowledge behind him, Daniel is a key player in Digital 1 success. Years behind the camera have provided him with a firm understanding of what is required to create a great marketable image. If you have ever had something removed from a photograph, chances are he's had something to do with it..

Heather Robertson

heather@digital1.com.au | Phone: 0434 379 165

Any great company requires direction and organization. Without Heather at the helm Digital 1 couldn't get much done. Her virtual furniture and floor planning skills are vital to the output of our business. If you've ever called digital 1 for any assistance you've no doubt spoken to Heather for booking in your property photography and marketing.

Damian Shorten

The newest addition to the Digital 1 team is Damian Shoten. With 100's of homes photographed and even more floor plans drawn up it's no wonder we have him on board. Finding marketable angles and shooting clean images has become his Passion. His genuineness with your clients is fantastic, making them feel relaxed and at ease during the sale process of their home. Keep an eye out for him.

The Digital 1 Group

Wayne Robertson

From Hobby to Profession.

Back in 2000 Heather and I were embarking on creating a website building company with grand ideas on getting everyone's business online. The only problem was that neither of us had a clue how to do that. So we started simply. We new that as part of building someones website they needed to show the workshop, product or office space etc on the pages. This required some photos but again we had no camera or any idea what to do with one. We invested a whopping $3500 for a 3.2 megapixel Kodak camera.(point and click) That camera became the beginnings of some life changing events in both our lives.

     Working around with some web pages i had realised a massive problem. Creating graphics and logos for the pages was not something i could fix by throwing money at. I had to learn an editing program. The local computer shop had a woman working there who built websites for clients and she said she was happy for me to learn from her. I thought to myself " If she can do this, why cant I". So everyday during my lunch break i would sit with her and watch what i felt then was a wizard at work. Creating logos from scratch, distorting images and making cool graphics. She would type and i would sit, eat my lunch and watch. Then every evening try to remember what I'd seen that day and repeat it on my own computer. Watching Photoshop tutorials became an obsession to say the least.

     After a year or so our little web building business was staggering along with no real prospects but my late nights in front of my monitor were as strong as ever. Photoshop and image editing were now at a better level and my confidence was growing. A trip to Thailand prompted me to buy a better camera and having an interesting subject to photograph i was motivated. I started collecting Camera magazines and would read them cover to cover many times over. Sending in images to the publishers i won several awards for my photographs and started to see some recognition. I continued this process for 3 years and to this day still hold dear my collection of over 100 DVDs and dozens and dozens of books, novels and magazines. What happened next was career changing...

   A phone call from a friend's friend stating that he would like me to photograph his wedding day. My mind went blank. There was no way of photographing a wedding, with so many people and so many things happening. It just wasn't something i could successfully cover. Only professionals did that sort of thing....

Then I thought to myself, " If they can do this, why cant I". That night was a particularly late one, with image searching and equipment pricing... I didn't even own a flash. Just a reasonable point and click camera.

   The very next week we went out and spent $6500 on camera equipment to photograph a wedding. The groom asked me 'how much will it cost' and i said 'I will do you a fair price seeing that it was my first wedding' ( out of fear that i did not know what i was doing )

Just to show how early in the digital age we were at, we shot the wedding on 512MB cards. I turned up at the brides house at 7am and me and Heather shot all day til 11pm. We had charged $200 for our efforts. something we hadn't planned for was the editing of all the photographs for the weeks that followed.  $200 doesn't sound like much but if you can photograph 1 wedding you should be able to photograph another and then another.

     In 2004 we photographed 1 wedding, in 2005 we chased up another 6. By 2006 we had successfully covered 31 weddings in a calendar year and when 2007 rolled in we were at 40 per year. Most of these weddings were referred to us through the many couples we had serviced. Holding down a day job and shooting weddings on the weekends and editing during the nights was exhausting work but to think we could have 'one work day' per week and the rest of the time at home made us hungrier and gave us the energy we needed.

    In August of 2007 me and heather both retired from our daytime employment and became small business owners and operators of the 'weddings by Wayne' label. 2008 saw us become involved on a weekly basis with over 50 weddings per year. It was then i had another friend call me to ask me a question. " hey I'm selling my house'. can you take some photos for me?'. 5000 houses later i am still loving finding the best angles for home owners and contracted agents. Everything from run down renovators to very high end Multi million dollar luxury homes.

    The last few years has seen us take less weddings on board and concentrate more toward the commercial area of our photography. However many families are still contacting us for family shoots and events etc.



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