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Drone Photography

Aerial Photography Sydney

Changing the perspective completely

Why not take to the skies! Nothing can show the true perspective like aerial photography.

Single Shot Aerial

An affordable way to show your buyer the block shape is to show it from an aerial line of sight. We can add dimensions if required or even the local amenities that surround the location.



Multiple Shot Aerial

If your property has alot more going on around it and you would like to feature the facade as well this is a very clever way of doing so. We can take in the block shape as well as surroundings and also the style of home with pools tennis courts etc..

6 shots



3 Possible Angles

Straight Oblique

Low Oblique

High Oblique

Aerial or Drone photography has become an integral part of property marketing in Sydney and especially in north-western Sydney. With new land parcels as far out as Landilo, Penrith, Windsor and Maraylya drones are helping to capture everything from

  • the distance to local shopping centres and amenities

  • more defined shapes of the blocks on offer

  • roadways are easily recognized 

  • proximity to major development areas

Drones are helping to promote real estate sales campaigns in a way that not available just a few years ago. Digital 1  Photography flies nearly every day (where possible) and delivers aerial photographs within 24hrs of capture. Flying a drone in strong wind can be dangerous so we always do our weather checks so that great photographs of properties can be achieved for real estate agents or developers. We travel as far wide as Blaxland, Castlereagh, Agnes Banks, North Richmond, Cattai, Pitt Town, Maraylya, Box Hill, Oakville, Annangrove, Dural and Kenthurst as well as many many other locations within our photography zone. Drone photo packages are simply applied to your home photography packages at a reduced rate. A single aerial shot can cost as little as $50 but pack a real punch to an otherwise boring add.

Aerial Photography Sydney

Drone photography throughout Sydney suburbs is becoming increasingly popular. Home sales agents are trending towards an aerial view of the property for sale.  The cost of drone photos for a house for sale is not very expensive at all providing that we are already there to capture photos of the house for sale anyway. We are drawing up floorplans and photographing the home for marketing purposes and

taking an extra aerial photo isn't difficult at all. Many real estate agents throughout Sydney are taking advantage of our lower rates on drone photography. 

How long do drone photos take?

Usually, around 10-15 minutes is all it will take to capture your home from the air. Providing that all the checks and balances are correct to fly. if weather conditions are on our side we will fly the drone without any problems. We never take chances when flying our drones around any properties and must check all clearances and distances before doing so. 

How many aerial photos do I need?

Once we are cleared to fly our drones, you will probably find that 2 or 3 correctly composed images are all that are needed to market your property correctly. Usually, the first aerial photo is from directly above your property showing the correct shape of the block of land that is for sale. next, we may take a high oblique angle that can identify where the property is in relation to other locations nearby. Schools or shopping centres and even train stations can be of importance to property buyers looking for a home for sale.

What type of Drones do we use?

At Present we are using the DJI phantoms, as they are very quick to set up for flying and very stable in windy gusts. When taking aerial photos of your property we prefer to use more stable equipment. Because the Phantom systems are very balanced in the air we can guarantee very clear real estate aerial photos every time we shoot. It is essential to achieve clear colourful property photos fro the air so that iconic markers can be seen easily in the property marketing printouts and online. Sometimes real estate agents will ask for special points to be marked so they can target a niche audience with their campaign. So given the special requirements of our agents, we need to offer something higher quality than just a cheap drone or quadcopter. It would be fair to state that 60% of all our real estate photoshoots are with the inclusion of a drone photo. 

Even if we are just creating a site plan of the property, our photographers will still take an aerial photo so that we have a current visual of the block of land for sale and all gardens and pathways to be able to map out corrctly


Drone Photography Western Sydney

Real Estate Aerial Photography Sydney. Drone Photography Sydney. Drone Videography and Photography. Aerial Photography for Property.

Delays may occur with bookings due to CASA requirements with regards to flight logs etc