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Digital 1 Real Estate photo gallery. See our latest work in the field of real estate photography and property photos.

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Real Estate photographers in Sydney

What Is Real Estate Photography?

Photography that captures properties for sale or properties for rent is considered by those in the industry as a real estate photo. A real estate photograph is generally an architectural style photograph based on selling a property or dwelling of some kind. It has a degree of composition that appeals to the eye of a home buyer. If you have ever sold a property within the last 10 years the chances are that you have had professional real estate photographs taken for your home for sale. Before this time having a specialist come through your home was not something that was considered.

Nearly all homes that are sold today will have some sort of professional marketing carried out by the real estate agency. If we go back a few years only a handful of agents considered professional photographs to market a property. Technology has given people the ability to view all products online. Weather on a PC a tablet or a smartphone people spend a huge amount of their time on a device. It would be fair to say all marketing has changed in the past 10 years.

Who uses real estate photography?

 Predominantly our work at Digital 1 is taken up with calls from real estate agents and property developers wanting to showcase their homes for sale. Many other clients call us from different industries such as kitchen and Joinery companies. Again wanting to show off their new designs two would-be clients that are looking. The latest styles can be quickly viewed online much faster than a brochure or Print Media these days.

Airbnb clients have become a huge part of our weekly cycle. More and more people want to showcase their Airbnb properties with professional Airbnb photographs. Hiring a professional Airbnb photographer will help to gain the upper hand in your Airbnb marketing.

How much does real estate photography cost?

Capturing your property with professional photography is by far the most effective way to attract a buyer. Depending on the size of your home and depending on the layout and even the quality of the fittings can depend on how many images are needed to sell the home correctly. All sales agents have a Formula that works for them and I'm generally guided by that formula as to how many pictures are taken. This, in turn, will depend on the price to photograph your home.

Our basic photography package it's only $100 and will yield you 5 great photographs fully edited and ready to market the property. If you bump to the next package our gold package this will include 8 photographs of your property. Larger homes and even acreage dwellings will need more and this is where our platinum package kicks in. The platinum package from digital one photography is 18 photographs. And costs only $280.

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