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Corporate Photography Sydney

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Business Headshots

Digital 1 Provides business headshots and company portraits. Team photos and all individual portraiture. Professional Headshots for all corporate needs. Company Headshots. Staff Photos and Real Estate Portraits. 

Operating from 4 locations across Western Sydney

Whatever business you are in, a professional headshot will help people connect with you with confidence.  With social media becoming all too important these days in business, we all need an image that shows who we are and projects a feeling of friendliness.

People use our headshots and portraits for:

  • Business profiles

  • Websites/web profiles (e.g. real estate, financial services)

  • Publicity releases

  • Marketing/sales material

  • Family memories

  • Promotional purposes

  • Business card update

  • Internet Advertising

  • Brochures and Catalogues

  • Street Flyers

  • Office Portraits 

All images in high resolution ready for printing*  All images in Internet resolution (website)*  All images supplied with Company Logo (optional, see below)*  Fast friendly service

The team at Digital 1 have photographed over 600 weddings and hundreds of family photo sessions. Alongside this, have photographed countless businessmen and women to improve or update their online profile. Nothing tells your client more about you than your corporate headshot. A relaxed and professional look is desired to give your clients confidence in you.  Portrait Photography Sydney. Corporate Photography Sydney. Business headshots

Business Portraits in Sydney
Casual Business Portraits Sydney

The purpose of a business headshot

A business headshot is typically used for a business portfolio or marketing materials. The shot is often taken in a studio setting and may include both a close-up and a full-body shot. It's important to look polished and put together in a business headshot, so choosing clothing and accessories that reflect your personal style is key.

Its purpose is to impress those that have never met you and to gain their confidence and professional aproval.

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Types of Business Portraits

Business headshots come in a variety of styles and formats, each of which is designed to convey different types of information to potential clients or business partners. At the most casual end of the spectrum, business headshots can be simple, spontaneous photos that capture you and your business in everyday situations. These images convey a laid-back, unstructured vibe that can help to put clients at ease during business interactions.

Alternatively, business headshots may be more formal and professional in nature. These types of images tend to be highly composed shots that feature prominently dressed individuals with a more corporate or buttoned-up feel.


Such headshots are typically geared towards business partners or other professional contacts who require a more polished and refined look in their business correspondence. Ultimately, when selecting a business headshot, it is important to consider both your business style as well as how you want others to perceive it when engaging with your company or brand.


  1. Subject is photographed on a    neutral background.

  2. We then cut them out from that background.

  3. The individual photo is supplied as well as a team or group shot.

This eliminates the need to photograph the whole group together and helps to show off the separate teams within your business

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  1. Subject is photographed on a    neutral background.

  2. We then cut them out from that background.

  3. Skin softening is applied and blemish removal.

  4. Logos can be added as well as a number of options for the background.

Great for business cards and mail outs. Digital 1 supplies web sized images as well.


You can choose to have your portraits taken at a particular location. Wayne will take several images that can later be viewed online to make your choice of portrait. These can be full length or head shots or a combination of both.

Great for business cards and mail outs. Digital 1 supplies web sized images as well.

Corporate Photography Sydney | Business Headshots

Company Headshots. Staff Photos and Real Estate Portraits Sydney. Corporate Photography.  Portrait Photography Sydney and Business headshots. 


Headshot Photographer

Why should I get business headshots taken?

Business headshots, otherwise known as corporate photos, can help anyone in business by adding a professional touch to your portfolio. Clients that will meet with you always like to know what you look like visually beforehand. 

By providing a natural-looking portrait of yourself with a feel of business style, you will come across as business-like and confident. Having this as a head start to your business meeting will always improve your chances of impressing your clients and establishing great corporate relationships.

Who should I get to take my business headshot?

It's obvious you would want to look sharp and professional in your photo and for this reason, you would be better choosing a very experienced photographer. Having someone that has achieved great results from experience will help make the procedure painless and achieve a better result every time. You wouldn't hire an apprentice to do a tradesman's work.

What do I need to bring to my corporate Headshot?

Having your photograph taken for business there are a couple of things to consider.

Clothing is probably the most important choice you will make. Most professionals will wear a suit of some sort. If you're not in an industry that requires you to wear a suit then consideration towards what colour's you may be wearing are important too.

For men. Make sure your clothes are pressed and neat and any facial hair is trimmed nicely. Your hair groomed, preferably the way you want to see it in your photograph

For women. Most women will make an appointment at the hairdresser's previously to their portrait photo and makeup is always preferred if you are of that type. The choice of dress or suit is a good idea.

At our digital 1 studio, you can simply bring your clothing and get changed there to save any crumpling on your journey.

What do I need to wear to my business headshot photoshoot?

Try to keep things simple with regards to what to wear. Bright and loud colours often can detract away from your face and are therefore discouraged. Floros are a definite no. Paisley and checked patterns are also a big distraction.

Neutral tones are the best way to go, if not, Greys Blacks and dark Blues often do well.

if you want to add colour maybe add it to the shirt or the tie that you wear. A common look these days is for a more casual business appearance, especially in the real estate Headshot area. Gone are the days of the 1970s look where real estate agents wore a three-piece suit on a summer's day. Open business shirt under a smart jacket seems to be the trend in 2021.

How long does it take to have my portrait taken?

Most business headshots can be captured in 15 minutes providing the subject is groomed well and ready to have their picture taken. Unless the subject really panics in front of the camera this should be all you need in regards to time. It's only when the subject is striving for something quite particular within their portrait that things could take a little longer. Obviously, if different outfits are required, more time will be needed for changing as well.

Do I get to select my company headshot?

Yes indeed. We allow you the client choose your favourite headshot or full-length photograph before we go to work editing and tweaking. My advice has always been the same and that is to let someone else choose your business Headshot. People you know will automatically choose a lovely photo of you even though you sometimes can't see that for yourself. Many clients let their partners choose their company photograph which is also a great way define the best image to use.

What if I don't like my photo being taken?

This would have to be one of the most common statements I hear when people have their photos taken. The fact that most people hate their own image and so with this in mind we try to be very aware of the expression the subject gives off. Timing is everything with a difficult portrait and an experienced photographer knows this.

As a rule, we take quite a few photos in a portrait session and allow the subject to view them all. We always edit the photos to minimise the dislikes of each and every subject. Shedding a few pounds with Photoshop is not uncommon for us. We've even made pregnant women not show at all as a result.

Scars, blemishes, pimples and acne are all things we can easily fix in our editing software.

How do you take corporate headshot photos?

Some degree of portrait experience is absolutely necessary when capturing people in the corporate world. Every person has a different body shape and different face shape and also holds themselves independently from everyone else. Understanding the differences within people and also the results they want to achieve is key to providing them with a likeable corporate headshot.

You first have to establish whether or not the portrait is indoors studio style or outdoors. If you're shooting indoors you'll need strobe lighting and the correct backdrop. If shooting outdoors, a nice natural setting with possibly some greenery as the backdrop or even architecture if it's that type of photoshoot. 

When do I receive my corporate photos?

If you have had your photograph taken by digital 1 photography you can expect the following day to see all of those pre-edited photos online.

You get to view all of the photographs taken of yourself or your team and choose the photo that represents you the best. Once you have chosen your headshot, our editing team will get busy preparing your business photo for delivery.

Within 24 hours you can expect the finished product delivered to you once you have chosen the photograph that you want. Our portrait editing service will usually apply light skin softening and some mild body shaping if required.

Whom should I have to take my business Headshot?

Professional photographers that specialise in portraiture are often preferred for this type of photography. 

Having experience with correct lighting and posture and dealing with people of all types generally will yield a good result every time. Always choose a professional photographer to take your portrait. You're going to use this photo again and again in your marketing campaigns for your portfolio or business profile. Make sure it's a great photo that you're happy to show off.

Where do I find a business headshot photographer?

There are quite a few companies throughout Sydney that specialise in corporate photography for business headshots. If they are not within your area you could try a wedding photographer or even a family photographer because they often have the same skillset required. Most family photographers, wedding photographers, and portraiture specialists can deliver a top-quality business photo.

You could simply Google search business headshots or corporate photographers near me and this will generally find some companies that are available to you.

What equipment is used to take a corporate Headshot?

A high-end camera would have to be the first item your photographer should be using. The next item would be a lighting system that complements the subject's body shape, face, and contour.

A studio is always a bonus because it allows the photographer the same standard each and every time across the different subjects. If you're not in a studio, lighting systems can still be used outdoors, and so becomes a very handy item to the portraiture photographer.

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