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Real Estate Video Marketing

Tell your story with moving pictures

Real Estate Videos Sydney

Are you looking for a real estate videographer?

  • Or maybe you'd like to promote your services real estate services to your clients and the local community

  • Are you trying to improve your property listing with a great video?

  • Property are listings greatly improved by using a high End cinematic real estate video.

$55.00inc GST
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We're proud to offer you the simplest way to create the most beautiful property videos that are cost-effective and pack a marketing punch. Using images from your real estate photo shoot our editors will create a simple and powerful SHOWREEL that can be included within your online advertisement thumbnails.

Product Photos for Marketing
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All professional real estate videos created are supplied with a YouTube link for easy uploading

By using custom-made real estate videos, the property that you're trying to sell will receive more views and a better hit rate within your online marketing. Statistically speaking, property listings that use video always receive more clicks than those that don't.

$77.00inc GST
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When you want to supply loads more information to a real estate buyer or any of your clients, the INFO Showreel will definately help. By Supplying us with the details, we can add much more data to the viewing experience. Great for serious agents or building/development companies, or add to your business portfolio.

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Digital 1 real estate video services

Real estate agents use video to promote a property being sold. Generally speaking, photography will always be the lead enticement in an online ad but a high-end video can give more information by using the ever-popular video format.

from $396.00inc GST
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If 'still' images are not enough to show the property at its best, then a HIGH-END PROPERTY VIDEO can add the elements you are looking for.

This type of real estate videography often includes an agent intro and some slides and passes throughout the special features of the home for sale. Many times we will capture video footage of the agent inter-acting throughout the home together with a voice-over, logos and agent details.

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Sydney Property photographer
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Cinematic real estate videos
$220.00inc GST


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Digital 1 has created a NEW product allowing home buyers to view a property and get a feel as if they were walking through it. These new walkthrough property videos for real estate agents are created without agent involvement.


This creative property video idea can eliminate a lot of the costs that can occur with sound equipment and human interaction. Perfect for a cost-effective way to promote your new real estate listing, rental property or any property marketing.

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Property video
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Real estate walkthrough videos
The Power of a Property Video

Real Estate Videos Sydney | Property Videos | Digital 1


  1. Before reading any online text, 70% of visitors to a website will watch a video there is one available. (Diode Digital)

  2. One moment of moving video is worth 1.5 million words. (Forrester Research)

  3. 62% of viewers believe if a business has a website then it should have video content within it. (Animoto)

  4. The Average viewer will spend 17 minutes a month watching online video ads. (ComScore)

  5. 82% of people say that a video showing how a product or service works is very important when searching out a company. (Animoto)

  6. Youtube is the 2nd largest search engine.  (Etail Insights)

  7. Video search results will have a 45% higher click-through rate than plain text. (Animoto)

  8. 55% of marketing companies agree that customer testimonials, explainer tutorial vids, and demonstration vids are the most effective content used. (Asend2)

  9. 4 out of 5 viewers say that demo videos are helpful. (Animoto)

  10. Your site is 60 times more likely to land on the first page within a search engine if it includes video. (Forrester Research)

  11. Online video will account for 60% of mobile traffic and is predicted to become 75% by 2017. (Cisco)

  12. 66% of consumers say that companies who use video know how to reach their viewers. (Animoto)

  13. People stay 2 minutes longer in general on your website if you include video content. (ComScore)

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Professional Real Estate Photographer

How do you create a real estate videos.

Real estate videos are created using a few key ingredients. Firstly a professional videographer is a must. Imagine heading off to your favourite ala carte restaurant and the chef that is cooking the food is not certified and even worse has no reputation within the food industry. You can pretty much guarantee the meal won't be great. The same can be said when it comes to creating a professional-looking real estate video.

Especially when you look at the equipment they use and the different styles they can achieve throughout your video. Photographers and videographers work in a small field of view that most people don't see. It's this small field of view that they are concentrating on and capturing to make the final product a winning solution.

What is a real estate videographer?

A real estate videographer is someone that predominantly captures video footage for real estate agents and property managers.

By creating captivating video clips of properties for sale they can enhance a real estate agent listing and attract more buyers. Digital 1 has videographers who have created hundreds of successful real estate videos for all brands in the real estate industry. Our videographers have the ability to emphasise any part of your property and showcase the many attributes on offer. The more real estate videos you produce the better you become and this is true, not only for our videographers but also for our real estate clients.

Why use a professional videographer?

Using a professional real estate videographer can easily be justified I simply looking at non-professional videographers' work. Slanted frame captures and shaky footage can destroy an otherwise cinematic look and feel from the professional. Real estate videos get one chance to impress the buyer.

When home buyers search online the first thing they see in advertisements are photos. If the photos look great generally, we'll click on the ad to find out more. Within that ad should exist a high-end cinematic real estate video. This video will allow the buyer to see in more detail and in a moving sense, the property in which they are interested. A great video can wow a buyer into taking the next step and enquiring with the real estate agency that is selling the home.

Why do real estate agents make videos?

 The real estate agent can and usually does do a little bit of self-promoting for his company brand and his face. When the buyer turns up to see the home for sale they will easily recognise the real estate agent's face because it is the one that they saw in the property video. The real estate agent can also point out more features when you create a voice-over or a walk-through type situation with in his/her video.

The agent can talk about the local area in more detail and the home in general showing all the smaller details that photography probably won't cover. Most real estate videos run for 1 and 1/2 minutes and within that time the agent can talk about quite a lot to do with the home.

How much do real estate videos cost?

Digital 1 real estate video services have packages as little as $65 for our real estate showreels. These real estate showreels aren't actually video footage but more still images put together in a slideshow format.

Instagram videos are becoming more and more popular and digital 1 can create these for as little as $100. These Instagram real estate videos are in a vertical format instead of landscape and end up purely used for Instagram and mobile posts.

Our real estate video walkthrough videos are used when an agent does not want to be seen in the video. Having yourself on video can be as daunting as public speaking and some agents prefer to promote the house only. These walkthrough style videos are very popular for budget-minded campaigns and still show the home in all its glory and carry the real estate logo and contact details as well. Our walkthrough videos can be seen here and are only $220

If you want to add drone footage to your walkthrough videos we can do that as well it will increase the cost slightly because now the videographer has to use another camera and a slightly different format to mix the real estate video production. Using a drone with a walkthrough will cost approx $280 to deliver to your email.

Now if you're looking for high-end cinematic,  full agent involvement videos these come in at $380 and use everything at the videographer's discretion. Normally intros and outros using the real estate agent are common. A drone will definitely be used and footage throughout the house. This type of real estate video seems to be very popular and statistically seems to help sell the majority of homes on the market.

Does your real estate agent have to be in the video?

Whether or not your real estate agent appears in the video is entirely up to the real estate agent. Many of the best-selling real estate agents that we provide property marketing for will happily promote their face whilst others will not. When talking to buyers, they prefer to see more of the house that is for sale than to have to watch a real estate agent talking to them. The property agent must be careful to not over self-promote. This can annoy online shoppers and new home buyers and this can affect whether they choose this agent for their own sale of their own property.

More often than not most people prefer an efficient job whether the agent is in the video or not. The first video appearance by any real estate agent in a video can seem a little bit stiff and awkward but as time goes by and more real estate videos are created the agent loosens up and becomes a lot more comfortable and a lot easier to watch.

How do I get my home ready for a real estate video?

One would assume that anybody selling their home would have it clean and tidy and mess-free in most areas. The best advice is to treat the home like it is a display home on show at a display village. If you ever walk into a display village for new homes you will see the level of care taken when setting up for display. Everything seems to be in the right place and there's no clutter or junk left lying around. Kitchens have minimal appliances on the bench tops and most living areas have the furniture well-placed and clean and tidy.

The same can be said when we come to video your home. A good vacuum a good dust-off and a wipe down of all hard surfaces will definitely help make your home capture that much better. Your real estate agent will appreciate the hard work and so will the buyer's.

We suggest removing towels from bathrooms unless they are brand new and perfectly placed. Wipe down kettles & toasters in the kitchen so there are no crumbs or watermarks and be sure to wipe down all Chrome work throughout the house. Nothing says sanitised more than clean tapware. If the videographer wants to get a close-up with your appliances in there covered in fingerprints and splatters it just won't look good at all.

How long do real estate videos take?

On average a real estate video we'll take approximately 1 hour to capture all the necessary details love a well-presented property. Some time can be included if the real estate agent makes a few gaps or introduction mistakes and needs to recapture them a few times.

If the property is poorly presented and needs tidying this will indeed affect the time it takes to record all the necessary footage. To learn more about the entire production time behind a good real estate video, check out this detailed information on how long does it take to create a real estate video.


When it comes to making property videos for real estate marketing, Digital 1 stands out as a professional video service throughout Sydney. Many of our real estate agents are the highest-ranking within their area.

Our property videographers and real estate marketing team have been capturing property videos for real estate for many years. You always add that personal twist for a real estate agent video so that he or she stands out from the many property videos that are online.

Real estate Videos Sydney. Property videos. Slideshows and Video Marketing for Real Estate. Photography and video for homes in Sydney. Property videos

Property Videos

Digital 1 media group are a boutique media company producing high-quality real estate videos and corporate profile videos.

We are an iconic group of real estate and corporate video professionals with years of experience in video capture and ad-movie-making.


Over the many years digital 1 has been in business we have established a great team of corporate videographers so that we can make the best real estate videos in Sydney. 


When you are looking to make iconic real estate videos, you can trust the digital 1 team to deliver the highest quality every time. Professional, courteous and friendly corporate videographers servicing all suburbs of Sydney including Northwest and Parramatta

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