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Real Estate Photography

If you are looking to improve your online marketing with great photography, you've landed correctly.

Sydney's premium photography service for over 15 years.

We were photographing property before properties were being photographed.

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Real Estate Photography Sydney

Real Estate Photography Prices and Property Marketing Sydney

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Any Amount of images can be taken of a home but if your not sure, check out our set packages

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The Bronze Package consists of 3 images. Suitable for smaller budgets, Cottage style homes, Units and Villas. The Bronze package is also great for showing blocks of land that might be for sale.

extra image $15 gst inc

Online Real estate marketing


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One of our most popular choices by far. 5 Images are great for medium-sized homes, duplexes, townhouses and any smaller family dwellings.

extra image $15 gst inc




The Gold Package consists of 8 images. Suitable for your midrange family homes.  Includes all lifestyle and living areas. Master bedrooms and bathrooms are also included in this set.

extra image $15 gst inc




For large homes and premium properties. The Platinum Package includes up to 18 images that cover lifestyle and living areas, master bedrooms and bathrooms, entertaining areas, pools and all areas that require marketing.

extra image $15 gst inc



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Builders, architects and developers can benifit from this unlimited package. We supply all photos that could possibly be taken. Several angles of each room and usually every room on display. 

Many real estate agents will choose this pack so they can rotate their images regularly.





Professional real estate photos are statistically proven to sell listings 50% faster. Having a professional property photographer capturing your home will definately gather more interested buyers


Including professional-quality real estate photos has proven to drastically increase the sale price of a property. If you love the look of a product that you're interested in, especially a family home, then it is fair to say that you would pay more for it.


How can you be assured of grabbing their attention from the hundreds of prospective properties they see? How can you get them interested enough to take the next step and make an inquiry? Use Digital 1 photography for your real estate photos and Sydney property marketing


Internet leads account for the majority of sales in today's market place. Will the home your selling stand out from the crowd or just be lost amongst the many available. Buyers have pages of homes for sale to look at. Make sure your property looks great at first glance.

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Real Estate Photos Compared

Photo 1: The agent has snapped this picture trying to hide the cars but in fact has chosen the wrong angle of the home too. 

Photo 1: Professional real estate photographers will always move the cars and shoot an 'L' shaped home from its longest point of the angle.

2 side by side property photos

Photo 2: This is a common mistake 'driveway shot'. Notice how you cannot see the roof of the home.  It looks like a 2D Cardboard cutout

Photo 2: A longer lens chosen by the property photographer and standing further away has improved the shape and included the gardens.

Before and After real estate comparison

Digital 1 is proudly Australian Owned.

All editing is carried out In House and not overseas.


Professional Real Estate Photographer

How long does it take to have my home photographed?

The time taken to shoot a home will always depend on the number of photographs being taken and how presentable the house is. An untidy, messy, cluttered home is always going to take longer to photograph. To give you a rough idea of the time, it would be fair to say that 5 photographs should take around 30 minutes. This can be achieved faster if everything is in its place and the rooms shape up well.

Can the photographer move my furniture?

Most properties being photographed will have to be analysed by a professional photographer when we visit your home. Not all rooms to be photographed are going to be balanced well with regard to furniture placement. Real estate photographers will often shift furniture allowing the scene to look much better.

Bright-coloured furniture can be somewhat distracting therefore requiring it to be removed altogether. A real estate photographer may shift these items to a space within the room that is less offensive to the eye. It is also not uncommon to move items within kitchen and bathroom areas to help minimise clutter and to give the impression of open space.

How do you know a good property photographer?  

You know when someone offers good real estate photography when they take the time to check every detail before taking the photograph. They also adjust curtains, blinds and shutters to make sure nothing is out of place. The theory should always be that as long as the photographer’s eye can see more detail than the online viewer, the photograph should always be a saleable one.  A good photographer will always explain themselves to vendors and tenants. They should always ask before moving anything. And their photos will WOW, every time. 

Where do you find a real estate photographer?

Finding the right property photographer can be a challenge. Many larger companies employ untrained staff purely to save money on more skilled photographers. Looking at online advertisements and real estate websites will give you a fair idea of the quality of images used in Property Marketing.

You could simply call these real estate agents and ask to refer their photographer, do an online search and check ratings and reviews. Most photography companies are going to display their best photographs on their website so it's a bit of an unfair display.

The best thing to do is to ask the photographic company to send you images from the last 5 jobs. This at least will give you an up-to-date current view of their photographic style and quality.

Why is the photographer use a flash to photograph my home?

Flash photography within the real estate industry can help the editing process. Flash is generally a bluish light while incandescent lighting within your home can be yellow and orange. By flashing, the photographer allows the editor to see the true real colours of things like your carpet, your wall colour, furniture colour etc. The Flash also balances inside of the home with the same brightness as outside of the home making the editing process a little more precise just that better quality

Where do I locate the best photographer for my home?

The biggest and highest-selling real estate agents generally will use the best photographers. Cheap real estate agents will always end up with very low-quality photographs and low-quality printing making a very poor marketing campaign. By following successful real estate agents they will lead you to the best photographers and the best property marketing in Sydney

Can you trust real estate photographers to find the right angles?

The problem these days is that bigger companies tend towards profits and not the quality of work. They employ anyone willing and give them a couple of weeks of training and send them out to earn money. They usually butcher the marketing of an unknowing realtor. In my experience as a Sydney real estate photographer over the past 15 years, commercial and real estate photos can take some time to master. When I train a junior photographer I tell them the same information each time.

It takes 50 properties photographed before your eye is reasonably well trained but it will take 200 properties photographed before you begin to feel the right angles. Real estate photographers and architectural photography require a different approach depending on what is trying to be achieved. After years of property photography, they become very good at capturing the correct angles every time.

Can you trust real estate photographers to find the right angles?

Most tenants are fairly easygoing and allow a photographer into their home for marketing purposes, however, on occasion there can be an angry tenant. Angry tenants feel like someone is making them leave their home. They may have lived here for a number of years or even worse just a few months, therefore, having to leave and pack your belongings isn't necessarily very nice.

Although it is not the fault of the real estate agent or the property photographer, some tenants just want to take it out on someone, anyone. Being very polite and patient and trying to explain the situation can help most of the time. Ultimately the tenant knows that it isn't really your fault that the landlord has decided to sell.

What do you do if your real estate agent does not show up for a photoshoot?

We would take it upon ourselves to greet the owner of the property and represent the agent in the way we know they would like. We would assure the property owner that we have photographed many many homes in the past and we do understand some agents can get very busy.

We also advise them that we understand what the agent is trying to achieve in the marketing of their home. Sometimes real estate agents get caught up with other appointments and so find it difficult to make every scheduled meeting on time. Other photography companies that you may choose should not only know how to take great photos but also know how to handle homeowners tenants and all customers when faced with this situation. 

What Does Real Estate Photography Involve?

A good real estate photographer needs to have a good sense of composition and knowledge of how to use professional equipment. They must also be able to take pictures in different types of lighting and weather and must be able to work quickly to capture a property before potential buyers lose interest. Finally, real estate photographers must also be familiar with the real estate market to photograph properties in the best way to show them off to potential buyers.

What Makes a Good Real Estate Image?

A good real estate image is one that is well-balanced, clean, and has open spaces. It should also be composed in a way that is visually appealing to the viewer.

Balance is key to a good real estate image. If the image is too busy or chaotic, it will be difficult for the viewer to focus on anything specific. Uncluttered and open spaces are important because they help to create a sense of calm and spaciousness. And finally, the composition is important because it can make or break an image. If the elements are not arranged in a pleasing manner, the whole image will appear off-balance and disorganized.

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