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What is a Floor Plan

Floor Plans Sydney

A floor plan is a two-dimensional diagram of a building or any structure, showing the layout of rooms and spaces within it. It usually includes dimensions and features such as doors, windows, and walls, and may also show furniture and other objects within the space. Floor plans are often used in the design and construction of buildings, as well as in real estate and interior design. If you've ever sold property, it is likely that you have had a floor plan created for your marketing.


It may not even be a home for sale. It’s possible that it could be a fire escape floor plan for a company. A floor plan is simply a layout where you need to show the adjoining rooms and how they connect. Floor plans can also show the floor textures, carpet colours and textured floorboards. 

Floor plans you can modify

Floor plans and elevations

Old Floor Plans VS New Floor Plans

Types of Floor Plans




Used mainly within the real estate industry, and our most common type of floor plan. This type of floorplan will be used in property marketing campaigns and for all residential purposes.

Usually booked for sales purposes but also can be found in rental property marketing as well.

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A very popular floor plan layout for use in commercial leasing to show the size and layout of the property. These commercial floor plans can be detailed with office furniture, lounge areas and kitchen facilities. 

Fire safety layouts and evacuation floor plans are also very popular for our commercial clients.

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A handy tool for builders and renovation specialists. Understanding the wall positions before moving forward with your renovations can help the builder to save time and money. 

Additional floors can be pinpointed better and council approvals can be made easier.

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All of our Sydney floor plans drawn, will show the layout of the home or property. 

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Looking for a Floor Plan Drawing Service?

Commercial floor plans. Fire Exit Floor Plans in Sydney. Property Marketing with floor plans. Estate agents floor plans.

Digital 1.  

Digital 1 are a Sydney based business that offers professional floor plan drawing services for residential and commercial properties.
We offer a variety of services that can help with:
- Customizing floor plans
- Architectural Layouts
- Landscape Orientation
- Interior design
- Construction 
- Building and council permits
- Property management

- Real estate sales

real estate site plans

Site plans

What is a Site Plan

A site plan is a detailed drawing or diagram that shows the layout and features of a piece of land or property. Information such as the location and size of buildings, roads and sidewalks, utilities, and other structures is usually included.

 Site plans are often used in the planning and development process to help visualize and assess the potential of a property. Site plans can also be used to identify potential challenges or problems that may need to be addressed in the design process. If you've bought a new property, it is likely that you have seen a site plan that indicates where a home or building sits within that block of land.


It may not even be a new home for sale. It’s possible that it could be land for sale for any purpose. The site plan will generally consist of land measurments and distances. It will show the northerly aspect and shape of the site being processed or built on.

Types of Site Plans
Real Estate Site Plan

Our basic real estate site plan is a top view, bird’s eye view of a property that is drawn to scale. A site plan usually shows a building footprint on the block of ground, including travel ways, paths, and sheds.

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detailed site plan

Including details into your site plan gives the buyers so much more information to work with. Showing where the garden beds are situated, pathways, pools, and landscaping. Also, the Northerly aspect can seal the deal.

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Describing the many blocks within a development site can be confusing without a Development Site Plan. Digital 1 will colour to your needs, label block sizes and show the Northerly aspect.  Great for roadside sign boards.

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Digital 1 are a Sydney based business that offers professional site plan drawing services for residential and commercial properties.
We offer a variety of siteplan services that can help with:
- Customizing site plans
- Architectural footprints
- Landscape site plans
- Construction site plans
- Building and site permits

- Real estate sales

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Floorplan Professional

How do you read a floor plan?

Something to remember when you read any floor plan design is that you are viewing the property, home or commercial premises from above. Kind of like a bird's-eye view perspective. It's like someone has taken the roof off and you are appearing straight down over the top.


Keep this in mind when you are viewing the layout. I find it's always easiest to keep the front of the property towards the bottom of your view and the rear of the property at the top of your view. This way the left-hand side of the property still remains the left-hand side and the right-hand side of the property still have remains the right-hand side.


How to create a floor plan

The easiest way to create any floor plan is the starting at the corner of the property. By starting in the corner of the property you have 2 distances to be concerned with, length and width. These will run in only two directions from you when you are on the corner of the property. If you start in the centre of the property you will have 4 directions to cope with which can be a lot more daunting and difficult to understand. You need to also draw one room at a time.

Drawing multiple rooms or even half rooms takes a lot of experience and would not be advised when you are learning to draw your first few plans. Sticking to just one room as you go and joining them is far easier.  Also, I find it easier once you have drawn one complete room to finish the room by way of windows doors and benches etc. This way you don't have to revisit that room once you have finished.


Each room should consist of a few basic design elements. Most rooms are square or rectangular and therefore require a length and a width measurement. Only on occasion where a room is L-shaped that you may require more measurements. Once you have your2 measurements then place your window door and any other fittings the room has. Now you may move on to the adjoining room and continue the walls in the correct directions linking each room together.

Start off simply. A basic two-bedroom apartment or small 3 bedroom home is the best way to start your floor plan drawing career.

Floor plan drawing services

Finding a floor plan service is not that difficult. You would simply Google the following phrases to find a company that could draw a floor plan for you. Those phrases might be,  floor plan services, Floor plan drawing companies. You might also try residential floor plans, Commercial floor plans, Real estate floor plans, and Floor plans for house sales. Business floor plans. You may even want to try Warehouse floor plans or office floor plans. All of these searches will locate you, floor plan and drawing companies that can supply you with what you are looking for. Our advice would take would be to take the easy route and just called Digital 1. The best floor plans in Sydney.

If you need a floor plan for any reason, contact Digital 1

  • Evacuation diagrams and evacuation floor plans

  • Commercial property evacuation diagrams

  • Commercial floor plans

  • Commercial fire escape floor plans

Almost any application required we've got you covered.

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