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Rental Property Photography Sydney

Professional property marketing these days has become a huge part of the real estate industry. Long gone are the days when agents take their own photos for any property in the Sydney region.

The latest trend within the industry is rental property photography. All landlords nowadays are becoming aware that to have a rental property leased quickly, they need a well-presented marketing strategy with full-colour professional photographs and even floor plans.

If an investment property sits for just one week longer than it needs to, this can cost another week of rent that could have been in the landlord's pocket.  Every week, Digital 1 photography is taking more and more photographs of rental properties and realizing that pretty soon all property managers will have no choice if they want to compete with their competitors in the rental property marketing field.

24hr Turnaround

Rental property photographers. Investment property photos. Real estate photography Sydney. Property Management photography. Rental pics

rental property photographs
rental photographs


"Without Rental pics, I couldn't perform the way I do at all. They are always fast with my needy clients and deliver excellent work every time. A great real estate photography company"


"Where would I be without Rental Pics? A tremendous asset to my very busy real estate agency"


"Always available and always on time. Their property photos tell great stories of each and every home I list. There's no need for me to look further than Rental Pics."

Investment property photography.

Why would you leave one of your largest investments to chance with poor quality photos? Capturing the eye of a good tenant can be the difference between leasing your property out faster or letting it sit empty, costing you thousands of dollars. The best practices by good investors are to treat their investment seriously and invest in that investment with professional rental property photos. You can be assured that your investment property will be noticed faster. 

Sydney Rental Property Photos. Rental property photographers. Investment property photos. Real estate photography Sydney. Property Management photography. Rental pics

Professional rental property photos receive 72% higher click rate
Better Quality Tenants
Real Estate Agent photo

Photo by

property photographers blacktown
Rental photos Sydney
Rental property photos

2 Applications at $510 per week

8 Applications at $535 per week

More Information per image

Real Estate Agent photo

Photo by

property photographers Seven Hills
property marketing St Marys
Property marketing blacktown

Poor quality kitchen photo

Dining room and kitchen, also showing air con and fans

Better Layouts and Scenes

Real Estate Agent Photo

Photo by

property photographers St Clair
Real estate photographers rouse hill
real estate photography kellyville

Layout not represented well

Open plan home with downlights and ducted air con

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Rental property photography pricing


Investment Property Photogrpahy

5 top tips for preparing your home for photos.


  1. Neat & Tidy. Make sure the external parts of your house are neat and tidy. This means mowing the lawns and weeding the gardens. If the front of your house looks clean and tidy it will be more inviting to a buyer or a future tenant.

  2. Minimalise Clutter. Clutter is a real estate photographer's greatest nightmare. Nothing closes a room in more than things and items that do not need to be there. Example. Kids' toys, Shoes & bags, excess dining chairs, baskets and boxes. All these things distract the eye when viewing a simple photograph of any room.

  3. Clean all your glass. Windows and mirrors can always make the home shine a little bit better when clean. If a bedroom has greasy fingerprints on the mirrored wardrobe doors it can look dirty and uncared for. If the sun hits a dirty window it can really look bad in any photograph.

  4. Make your bed. Nothing worse than turning up to a house with unmade beds. It shows untidiness and a lack of care. Put extra pillows on the bedroom setting too. Like you will see in many of the linen shops etc.

  5. Follow Success. It's a good idea to follow professional and successful companies that have already done research on these specific things. Lounge room cushions should be placed neatly and deliberately just like any beautifully styled property. You don't see any display homes with weird untidy cushions. When we sit on a lounge the pillows become flat and lifeless. Plump them up. Make sure your dining chairs are straight and take off any covers from dining tables. Everything should be neat tidy and orderly. 

By following these 5 tips you can be guaranteed that your rental property photos will always have the edge over your competition. And your competition is simply other rental properties that are online and trying to find a tenant.

Rental property photos for real estate agents. Rental Pics has a professional team of property photographers and real estate marketing specialists to help all real estate agents improve their listings. Operating and servicing all of Sydney's top agents within the real estate and property industry.
From new homes for sale, developers, builders architects too. Bringing homes to life is what we specialize in. Sydney real estate photography craftsmen. Aerial photography and drone photos as well as property floor plans and site plans. Business headshots and company portraits. Offering a wide range of photography services to all business people and family too. Call Rental Pics today!

Rental property Photos westrn Sydney

Virtual Furniture


virtual furniture and digital styling-00


virtual furniture and digital styling-00

Virtual Furniture for Rental Properties

Try giving your investment property photos a boost by digitally styling them. Virtual furniture is a very cost-effective way of enticing new tenants to see the home in its furnished glory. For a fraction of the cost of real furniture styling, Digital 1 can enhance your otherwise empty photos with digital furniture. 

Rental Pics is a team of professional real estate photographers with more than 15 years of experience in property marketing Sydney Northwest area. Rental property Photography in areas such as Kellyville Ridge, Rouse Hill, Castle Hill, Baulkham Hills and all the way to Windsor and even Penrith. Use Professional real estate photographers for your next rental property photography service.

Real estate photographers Kellyville Ridge and surrounding suburbs. Rental Pics has a professional team of photographers and marketing specialists to help all real estate agents improve their rental property listings. Operating and servicing all of Sydney's top agents within the real estate and property industry.
From new homes for sale, developers, builders architects too. bringing a home to life is what we specialize in. Sydney real estate photography craftsmen. Aerial photography and drone work as well as floor plans and site plans. Business headshots and company portraits. Offering a wide range of photography services to all business people and families too. Rental property photographers Kellyville Ridge.
Call Rental Pics today!


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  • Kellyville NSW 2155, Australia

  • Mcgraths Hill NSW 2756, Australia

  • Windsor NSW 2756, Australia

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Rental Property Photographers Kellyville Ridge


Nearly all property managers nowadays are using professional images to attract better tenants faster. Investment property photographs are becoming more and more used by property management teams. They are noticing a marked difference in attendance rates when marketing investment properties with professional high-end photographs. You will never see a high-end large professional company marketing any product without quality images online.

It is simple. Do not trust your investment with an agent that doesn't use professional marketing. What does it say about a property manager that says, let’s just use substandard photos to sell your product?

Most property photographers will gladly photograph any rental property that is for lease. Most real estate photography companies can be found simply online just by searching real estate photographers Sydney.  You could also ask any real estate agent who's their photography company is. Here at digital one photography, we service all of Sydney and northwest suburbs.

There is very little difference between sales photos and leasing photos. Property managers for rental properties generally have a lower budget to work with. So, therefore, making it more difficult for a photography company to work with. Digital one photography have designed investment property photograph package that solved the budget problem. For about 20% less cost, you can have your rental property photos return within 24hrs to your property manager.

Simple rental property photograph packages can be as little as $80. At this price, there is no reason for any Investor to not have great looking pictures of his or her investment. A larger home will always require more marketing. Usually, because there is more to show a searching tenant. Larger homes may have theatre rooms huge ensuites, bigger backyards and entertainment areas, all worth showing within the Property Marketing Sydney.

If a tenant searching for a rental property has more to spend on rent, it would be fair to assume that the home should have a larger budget for online property marketing. Larger packages for rental property photos rarely exceed $150. At digital 1 photography, we call this our gold package and is commonly used for investment property marketing.

The time it takes the photograph a rental property is usually less than for sales. Many times property that is for rent is it empty and this can speed up the photography service substantially.

As photographers, we don't have to deal with property owners or tenants whilst at the property. Obviously shortening our visit time on the job it would be fair that the pricing would be lower because of the time saved. However, if a property has a tenant inside and that tenant is messy and unorganised, photography can take a lot longer than it should. This is why we advise our real estate agents, please make sure the home is ready for photography.

Digital 1 has a unique booking service in that we call the tenants for the real estate agents and book the job in Direct. This eliminates a lot of to and fro between agents, photographers and tenants.

Statistically, there are many more views and clicks from a professional photograph than from an unprofessional one. Real estate companies over the many years of marketing properties throughout Sydney have learned, It is in the best interest of any property marketing campaign to display properties for sale in the best way possible. Online advertising in the real estate industry has become almost 95% of their leads. If your house or your rental property does not look good amongst the many others available, you stand to miss out on the good sale or lease of your property.

5 good reasons for professional photography.

  1. Quality. Only professional property photographers can create a lasting impression and a great first impression of your home for any marketing campaign.

  2. Experience. With 15 years of experience, Rental Pics, photographers have seen every angle and every shape home there is. This is why you can trust rental pics to capture your number one investment properly. 

  3. Time. Saving time for your property management team so they can get on with acquiring a good tenant for you. They are not wasting time trying to do a professional job at something they know very little about.

  4. Money. Imagine how long it would take for anyone other than a professional to do what an experienced pro can do in half the time. It pays to have a clever, equipt and dedicated team do for you what is relatively inexpensive compared to doing it yourself.

  5. Perception. Imagine how your clients feel when you say you are a professional at marketing and then pull out your iPhone to capture their product. Rental pics photographers look sharp and in uniform with high-end photographic equipment. Vendors will always feel well looked after when you have bought in a specific team to capture their investment photos. How can your property stand out from the crowd it's an amateur real estate agent has taken the photos?  It can't.

Rental property photographers. Investment property photos. Real estate photography Sydney. Property Management photography. Rental pics

Rental Property Photography
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