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Lost For Words


Writing real estate listing ads has never been easier. 'Lost for Words' has been designed to take the difficulty out of having to think of what to write each time a new listing comes your way. Simply turn to the desired page and this book will give you hundreds of lines of text ready to write...

If you struggle to come up with catchy and stand out Titles for your listings, then this book is for you.

Lost for Words even has agent marketing slogans to make you stand out from the crowd.

LOST FOR WORDS - Real estate listing tool

  • How to use this book

    When you're writing great ads for your clients you will need to make each ad within your many listings unique and different from the last one. You wouldn't want your clients thinking that all your listings sounded the same. With 'Lost for Words' at your side, its easier than ever.


    Example 1: If you are struggling to write something catchy about the kitchen in the home, you would simply turn to page 82 ( Kitchen descriptions page) and there you will find pages and pages of single line texts that are for the purpose of describing kitchens only. Everything from basic tidy kitchens to elaborate high end gourmet chef kitchens.


    Example 2: Lets say your really having trouble writing something about the interior design of the home itself. if you turn to page 64 ( Indoor Construction page) there you will find many pages on the design of feel of homes themselves. Everything from renovated cottages to high end custom built Masterpieces. You'll find it all...


    Example 3: you cant think of a powerful Title that helps pop off the page. If you turn to page 17 ( Titles page ) there are over 500 titles ready to use. from knock down rebuilds, ocean apartments, rural properties and many many more..


    Then simply add these sentances together in what ever order you feel fits in with your style of marketing.


    Your clients will think you are amazing and your work collegues will soon ask you to write thier ads for them.. so be prepared..

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