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Welcome to digital 1's blog page. You will find lots of information about photography. There are many types of photography that digital 1 capture including commercial photography, real estate photography, portraits, and lots of other interesting types of work.

During your time on the following pages, we have created a menu below for you to quickly sort and view all the information on photography that you require. These photography posts help you to understand more of what we do here at digital 1.

How long do real estate videos take to create?

We know the production factors that can go into the length of time to capture edit & deliver a real estate video. It's always a difficult procedure to calculate just how long this process takes from start to finish but the following video information may help. We have broken this information into 5 different procedures.

1. Is the property being video in good condition?

Turning up to a well presented clean and tidy property makes a huge difference when trying to catch video footage. The real estate videographer can concentrate more on transitions and actual capture Style then worrying about the mess and junk that has to be avoided during the shoot.

Sometimes furniture placement within the house can have a large effect on how the room appears within the video. We sometimes have to adjust furniture to a better position so that the room gives the appearance of a more open space and this can fulfil a buyer's desire to buy something to upgrade their living standards to a better home.

Small things can play a part here, right down to dust & dirt on appliances and other items. Imagine capturing some video footage of the gas stove igniting and there's bits of food scrap stuck to the stovetop itself because the home hasn't been cleaned entirely ready for the video.

Now the videographer has a problem of not being able to show fine details that could include up-close tapware blinds and shutters and other fine details within the property. It's always a great idea for real estate agents to visit the property and give the owners of the home some advice on making sure things are clean, tidy and organised before having their property video created.

2. Will the real estate agent be talking on the video?

It is said that most people hate public speaking and this can be true when a real estate agent takes to the front of the camera. When presenting a home for sale to most real estate agents we'll make a few mistakes when recording live on video.

Depending on how many times someone has been in front of the camera can determine the length of time required to capture a good snippet of them without mistakes. Obviously when they create less mistakes the property videographer can spend less time chasing the right footage. The first few videos created by anybody take longer to capture them correctly.

real estate agent speaking in front of video camera
agent speaking in front of video camera

As time goes by they become more comfortable in front of the camera thereby creating an easier process for the cameraman to get brake real estate video footage. It is a bit like riding a bike, you start off shaky but in time with practice it becomes smooth and effortless. So a good well-practised agent in front of a camera will perform much more smoothly and sincerely and this is a saving of time for the whole process.

Sometimes more than one real estate agent will be involved in the video and now you have twice the possibility of mistakes and verbal faux pas.

3. Unnecessary noise can interfere with production time.

Imagine you are about to record a perfectly scripted line that you have practised a few times and as you go to speak a nearby car beach their horn or a dog barks. This added noise can destroy the final result for the viewer and so you have to recapture that footage again.

background noise in property videos
jet background noise in property videos

Many houses on busy roads can have this problem. Traffic noises can be one of the main problems in for properties in these areas. If a plane flies overhead everybody has to stop and wait for it to pass before production and recapturing can start again. It might even be a noisy neighbour mowing his lawn that can create more time losses in the creation property videos. These things are hard to control on site and so a bit of luck comes into it on the day of the video shoot.

4. Drone footage and bad weather

If you were going to use drone footage during a property video there are a couple of things to consider here. The first thing is that the drone flight must be authorised and registered before it takes place. You can't just spring drone footage on a real estate videographer on the day of the shoot. Casa requirements for drone flights suggest that all flights be authorised and logged in 24hrs before it takes place. This must be done and Digital 1 will take care of this for you.

rainy day

Now that you have your video shoot booked in it's a good idea to check the long range weather forecast. Extremely windy days can hamper drone flights and is something to take into account during the windy seasons. Digital One could probably still proceed with your real estate video production however capturing drone video footage for the property may have to be done on a better day.

Even just the procedure of capturing a property from the air is another format to deal with within the whole project itself. The cameraman has to stop what he's doing and set up a drone which can take up to 10 minutes at times with satellite navigation systems and connection issues which can all take place depending on the location of the property. Sometimes it's a simple over-the-top video moment and other times it can be a video capture flying in from a great distance. Either way it's all time added.

5. How long does it take to edit the real estate footage?

When it comes to editing time, this can vary from video to video depending on what results are required. If your real estate agent wants to see infographics within the video and also label on special parts of the property footage it all takes time and different types of software to create.

video editing software
video editing software

Digital 1 photography has created different video styles to suit lots of different real estate needs. Some of our property videos are simple straight to the point type of videos. The editing required is quite fast and almost template-based on many occasions. Some real estate agents require simplicity so as to not try to Bamboozle the buyer whilst other real estate agents try to emphasise more of the property then is actually required or for that matter even what is on offer.

With video editing being one of the main ingredients when creating awesome looking property videos it comes down to time in the editing room. Even bad footage can be made to look great if you have a great editing team. The downside 2 great editing results is time in front of the editing software.


As we have seen in the previous five points, it is all about taking time to create better, more fanciful results. It would be fair to calculate but I standard or basic real estate video should take no less than 2 hours to 2 1/2 hours to create and deliver. But if the client wishes a more involved and elaborate appearance then this time slot could be pushed up to 4 hours with capture and editing. And that is not to mention any revises to be done on the video.

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Jordan Baldwin
Jordan Baldwin
Aug 29, 2023

It would be cool if you showed how you mount your videos. We would be interested, because you get really cool video content. If you don't have any screen recording apps, then you can take a look at this article.

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