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Real Estate Floor plans

Floor Plans for Real Estate

Which Floor Plan Do You Need?

All of our Sydney floor plans will show the layout of the home or property. 

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Real Estate Floorplans - colour

Adding colour through the real estate floor plan, buyers can start to better define the different areas in the home. The actual size of each room becomes clearer and the look is much more appealing. Increasing the buyer's interest.

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single story


double story



Black-&-White Real Estate Floorplans

A simple yet effective real estate floor plan showing the complete layout of the home including all patio areas, benchtops and basin positions, bathroom fittings and all storage spaces

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single story


double story


Real Estate Floor Plans - Digital 1 - Property Floor Plans

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real estate site plans

Site plans

Site Plans for Real Estate

Which Site Plan Do You Need?
Real Estate Site Plan

Our basic real estate site plan is a top view, bird’s eye view of a property that is drawn to scale. A site plan usually shows a building footprint on the block of ground, including travel ways, paths, and sheds.

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detailed site plan

Including details into your site plan gives the buyers so much more information to work with. Showing where the garden beds are situated, pathways, pools, and landscaping. Also, the Northerly aspect can seal the deal.

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Describing the many blocks within a development site can be confusing without a Development Site Plan. Digital 1 will colour to your needs, label block sizes and show the Northerly aspect.  Great for roadside sign boards.

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The Power of a Detailed Floor Plan


Whatever the interest is in real estate, a property floor plan helps in the decision-making process. The ability to view the properties interior layout can avoid so much wasted time for both the buyer and the real estate agent. A precise property floor plan may have the correct number of rooms, but if the layout is wrong it may not suit their needs.


Including professional quality, property floor plans have proven to drastically increase the sale price of a home for sale. Data always shows that properties for sale that show a floor plan diagram of the dwelling has been one of the driving factors in more foot traffic to the home.


How can you be assured of grabbing their attention from the hundreds of prospective properties they see? How can you get them interested enough to take the next step and make an inquiry? The answer is with professional property floor plans.


Internet leads account for the majority of sales in today's market place. Will the home your selling stand out from the crowd or just be lost amongst the many available.


D1 professional property floor plan team will arrive at your home and bring along with them some advanced measuring equipment with them. Our marketing team is supplied with a custom made real estate floor plan grid system which is required when drawing your home out.


All floor plan measurements are taken and plotted throughout the home. Careful attention is applied to the location of your appliances, fixings, and fittings. Depending on the size and layout of your home, the real estate floor plan drawing will take anywhere from 20 minutes to 2 hours. You do not need to do anything while your house is being measured but carry on as normal. Our real estate floor plan service will require access to all rooms within the entire house so that all measurements can be documented correctly. Once complete, D1 will leave the home and proceed to redraw (precisely) your new Sydney property floor plans.

D1 supply professional real estate floor plans for Western Sydney.  If you require property floor plans for real estate marketing, look no further. Property marketing with floor plans can help to bring in more home buyers. Estate agents floor plans are supplied to most of our successful real estate agents. Digital 1 Photography. Real estate listing photographers.

Property floor plans in Sydney

If you require property floor plans in Sydney call Digital 1 today. Digital 1 have been supplying hundreds of real estate agents and Property Marketing companies with high-end professional floor plans for property and real estate. Most home buyers love seeing a floor plan of the property. Statistically homes with floor plans sell more often than homes without floor plans. Any real estate agent worth their salt will tell you this.

There are different types of property floor plans ranging from very basic to very involved. The basic property floor plan is a simple black and white un-decorated layout of the home for sale. Generally in a basic property floor plan we will feature measurements of the rooms, stairs, doors, windows and also sinks and basins.

This is usually what buyers will inspect before attending an open home or property listing.

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Let Digital 1 create REAL ESTATE FLOOR PLANS and Property floor plans for real estate marketing.  Property Marketing with floor plans. Estate agents floor plans. Digital 1.  


Floorplan Professional

Who Can draw a floor plan?

Just about anyone could draw a floor plan. All you require is measuring equipment in the form of a laser measurer or possibly even a tape measure. Some paper media to diagram the floor plan on to.

 However, although it may sound easy you will need some idea on the concepts of how floor plans are designed. Digital 1 team of floor plan drawing experts have a number of drawings under their belt. 

After a while, we become very in tune with how an architect thinks. Adjoining walls are placed for a reason and structural walls are also designed deliberately. It would be fair to say that after a dozen or so floor plan drawings you would possibly understand more about them. 


The first time you draw your sketch onto paper is a total mess generally. Don't worry too much this is a normal learning procedure. 


After you have drawn 1000 floor plans you will move through 90% of residential properties easily and quickly. Once you gain this type of experience in drawing floor plans the only difficult drawings are the very high-end architecturally designed mansions. They can always be a challenge given curved walls, lots of diagonals and loads of architectural creativity. My advice would be the start with one and see how you go.

What is a floor plan?

Simply stated a floor plan is a drawing of your home if viewed from above. Imagine taking the roof of your home and looking straight down into all the joint rooms. This is the visual representation that a floor plan can give. Where each room joins with another, where the kitchen is in relation to the living room. Where the stairs are located and entry and exit points throughout the home. Some people looking for homes like to know where these areas are to satisfy their needs.

Do I really need a floor plan to sell my house?

Including a floor plan in your Property Marketing campaign can greatly improve buyers' interests. The more information you supply a buyer the more likely serious buyers only will turn up. You do not need to supply a real estate floor plan but statistically speaking it will always yield more interested buyers for your home.


Will real estate floor plans attract more buyers?

Yes. Buyers often comment to real estate agents whether or not they can see the floor plan. The real estate floor plan allows the buyer to understand the architectural layout of the home. By better understanding, the placement of the bedrooms, kitchen, dining and living rooms the buyer is well-armed and well-informed on the property they are interested in.

Often, the buyer can see the real estate photos and understand the room in which the photo was taken, giving them a much better understanding of what is actually for sale.


Does a 3D floor plan attract more buyers?

It would be hard to predict whether 3D floor plans attract more buyers. 2D black and white floor plans are simple and easy to understand whilst a 3D floor plan with furniture will show the home and furniture placement within it. This might signal to the buyer where things were meant to go within the house.

If the buyer has a large corner lounge suite and cannot see a corner lounge suite within the floor plan they may assume there's no room for it. If the buyer has a round dining table but can only see a square one on the floor plan it might be fair to assume the buyer may think his/her furniture may not fit, but it would be a rare occurrence.

How is a floor plan measured?

When drawing up a property floor plan digital 1 team of experts uses a laser measurer to grab the exact distance wall-to-wall. Although we don't draw the floor plan to the exact measurement in millimetres, it does give us a very solid approximation for the distance of each room. Normally the rooms drawn up within a floor plan and a real estate floor plan will be within 1 cm of its true distance.

Is a real estate floor plan to the exact scale of my home?

Your real estate or property floor plan scale is a miniature version of the actual home or commercial premises being measured. Depending on what size you're viewing the floor plan will depend on its scale. Sometimes 1 to 100 or even 1 to 80 is a reasonable scale again depending on where you view the floor plans from.

A real estate floor plan generally will be an approximate measurement of your home. A builder's floor plan for the architectural drawing will be a lot more precise.

What can a floor plan be used for?

A property floor plan can have many different purposes and uses. Digital 1 creates many fire exit floor plans for commercial premises. A floor plan for fire exits is paramount and a must for any commercial premises and can affect their licensing. It can show the fastest way to the fire exits in case of emergency. Also known as emergency floor plans or fire exit floor plans. Other floor plans will generally be for Renovation possibilities which will show a builder where walls are placed and what he can do with modifications.

DA floor plans or council floor plans. Predominantly our floor plan draw-ups are for real estate marketing purposes. Showing new home buyers or used home buyers the current layout of the property they're looking to buy. This information can save them a ton of time if they have a specific layout in mind.

How long does it take to draw a floor plan?

It is a relatively quick process to draw a medium-sized property. A three-bedroom home single story will generally take 15 to 20 minutes to draw or sketch. Whereas a double-story 5 bedroom home could take 35 to 40 minutes to draw or sketch. When we talk about large architectural custom-built homes you can look at anywhere from an hour to even 3 hours depending on the size of the home.

Old floor plans vs new floor plans

The difference between old floor plan designs and new floor plan designs can easily be found when you visit an older home. A Few generations ago modern design and open-plan living were not thought of in everyday home designs.

It almost seems like singular boxes we're just stuck together to make one large box and we simply cut a hole between the boxes to walk through each of the rooms. A very simple layout indeed.


Nowadays, however, are much different. New modern home designs have wide-open spaces with open plan living designed into them. Both designs have advantages and disadvantages but it would seem that humans do prefer an open layout to spend their time.

If you need a floor plan for any reason, contact Digital 1

  • Commercial property evacuation diagrams

  • Commercial floor plans

  • Commercial fire escape floor plans

Almost any application required we've got you covered.

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