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New home photography

New home photography Sydney

Professional new home photography. Digital 1. Photography for new homes

Do you have a new home and need it photographed? Have you built something special and are trying to sell it. The solution to this problem is great photography of new homes. New home photography specialised skill.


Generally a new home will be showing no signs of wear and tear and should be easier to photograph. The painted walls inside a new home generally will give a better bounce of light for the photographer.


Floor coverings would be a lot newer and show no scuff marks within the photograph. In general your new home photographs should look great with or without furniture inside the home. Contact digital 1 photography today for your new home photographs.

Why do new homes look nicer in photographs?

New homes will always appear cleaner and a little more vibrant in photographs because they have less accumulation of dirt, dust and Grime. The kitchen area has probably seen no action or cooking at all. The bathrooms and shower recess probably haven't been washed in that much. 


Photographing a new product will always achieve a better image than photographing something old. Take portraits for example young babies beautiful skin always looks lovely compared to older wrinkled skin.


 Floor tiles in a new home haven't seen much traffic inside so the grout would be stain free and still sparkling clean from the new build. If you need photographs of a new home in Sydney we can pretty much bet the new home photographs will look just fine. 

Whether you're selling the property or leasing it with a real estate agent. Many property investors acquire professional photos of their new homes so they can utilise those images in their marketing campaigns.


 It always pays to photograph the new home early before it's lived in. One bad tenant can make a huge mess in an otherwise clean and tidy home. It's a smart move to have photography for new homes.


If you're a property investor that's built a new home or maybe you have just purchased your first time home and plan in the future to rent it out it's a good idea to get your photos now. Photograph the property while it's new.


Many of digital 1’s new home photography requests are four documentation. By documenting a new home with great photographs you have a solid timestamped way of proving next to no damage to your new home. There are many property managers that use the services of digital 1 to record a new home build before it is leased to tenants. 


By having the new home's photographs on record the real estate agent can always look back at the state of the home against any new damage that may arise in the rental period.

So don't delay in booking in your new home for professional photographs with digital 1. 


It could save you thousands in the long run.

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Professional new home photography

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What is new home photography, and why is it important?

Answer: New home photography is a specialized skill that involves capturing professional photographs of newly constructed or recently built homes. It is crucial because new homes appear cleaner, more vibrant, and free from signs of wear and tear, making the photographs more appealing for marketing purposes.

Why do new homes look better in photographs compared to older ones?

Answer: New homes tend to look nicer in photographs because they have minimal dirt, dust, or grime accumulation. Additionally, the freshly painted walls, new floor coverings, and unused spaces like kitchens and bathrooms contribute to a cleaner and more appealing visual aesthetic.

Is it better to photograph a new home before or after it's furnished?

Answer: It is generally recommended to photograph a new home before it's furnished or lived in. This allows for capturing the property's pristine condition without any clutter or signs of wear, making the images more appealing for marketing purposes.

Why do property investors need professional new home photography?

Answer: Property investors often require professional new home photography to utilize high-quality images in their marketing campaigns. These images can be used for rental or sale listings, attracting potential tenants or buyers more effectively.

How can new home photography help document a property's condition?

Answer: Professional new home photography can serve as documentation of a property's condition at the time of construction or acquisition. These timestamped images can be used as evidence to prove the lack of damage or wear and tear, which can be valuable for property managers or landlords when leasing the home to tenants.

What are the benefits of photographing a new home while it's still in pristine condition?

Answer: Photographing a new home while it's still in pristine condition offers several benefits, such as capturing the property's best appearance, showcasing the clean and undamaged spaces, and providing high-quality marketing materials for real estate agents or property investors.

Can new home photography help save money in the long run?

Answer: Yes, investing in professional new home photography can potentially save money in the long run. By documenting the property's pristine condition, property managers or landlords can better assess and attribute any future damages to tenants, preventing unnecessary disputes or legal issues.

What factors make new home photography easier compared to photographing older homes?

Answer: New home photography is generally easier due to factors such as freshly painted walls that provide better light bounce, new floor coverings without scuff marks, and unused spaces like kitchens and bathrooms that appear cleaner and more visually appealing.

How can professional new home photography benefit real estate agents or property sellers?

Answer: Professional new home photography can greatly benefit real estate agents or property sellers by providing high-quality, appealing images that can be used in marketing materials and listings. These images can help attract more potential buyers or renters, ultimately leading to faster and more successful sales or leases.

What should someone consider when choosing a professional photographer for their new home?

Answer: When choosing a professional photographer for a new home, it's important to consider their experience in real estate photography, their portfolio showcasing new home projects, their ability to capture the property's best features, and their understanding of lighting techniques and home staging principles.

New home photography

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