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Virtual Furniture Pricing

Virtual furniture pricing Sydney

Virtual furniture or digital styling has become an integral part of a real estate agents toolkit. With the use of a digitally enhanced photograph using furniture can make the difference between interested Byers or uninterested Byers.


Pricing for virtual furniture is a fairly simple procedure given that most real estate listings using virtual furniture only require a few images to be enhanced this way. Therefore the cost is fairly minimal to have your property photographs virtually styled and improve their look.
Let's first take a look at the savings of using virtual furniture pricing against using traditional styling or staging of properties.


 With a traditional stylus that carries the furniture into the home and has to spend hours fluffing the pillows and building beds the cost can blow out into the thousands for stop. Many traditional stylus have come under pressure from the virtual furniture pricing models that are out there today. Digital one has some of the best pricing and packages for virtual furniture in Australia. 

Digital 1 photography services hundreds of real estate agents and property developers in the process of computerised furniture.


Our Virtual Furniture packages in Australia

Dining - Digital 1 Photography-8516.jpg

1 ROOM FURNISHED - Great for a lead photo in your ad campaign

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Cost of virtually styling 1 photograph

Let's start with the basics and the lower end of your virtual furniture requirements and prices needed.

 If you only need or require one photograph to be virtually furnished. the cost at digital one for photography is $45 dollars.. Digital 1 hand places the furniture deliberately so you can be sure that we have maximised the benefit of using this new digital styling service.

Because many of our clients have used us to take professional photos as well we know exactly where the furniture should lay or be placed.



Rumpus - Digital 1 Photography-8415.jpg
2 ROOMS FURNISHED - Living room and Master bedroom work well
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Cost of virtually styling Multpile Photos

Obviously having more photographs digitally styled is going to be slightly cheaper with the increasing order. Digital 1 have created a very easy to use order form, so that you can see exactly the cost of virtual furniture.



external virtual furniture styles (1).jpg
3 ROOMS FURNISHED - Best value. Overall listing is improved
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Pricing for over 3 virtual furniture photographs

If you require more than three photographs to be digitally styled then our pricing for such a package will be even better. The more photographs we manipulate for you in your digital Styling campaign digital styling campaign the cheaper it becomes.

$40 is all you will pay and your photographs will be custom furnished using computer and digital technology from digital one photography. Unlike other virtual furniture AI systems we hand place the furniture into each and every photograph. Lounges, beds, tables, chairs, rugs and all sorts of furniture will be placed meticulously into your photographs.



virtual styling packages (1).jpg
Digital styling for more than 5 photos
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This is where the pricing for digital styling packages becomes even better. With five or more virtually style images you only pay $35. This is far cheaper than having your home styled traditionally with actual furniture.


These photos that are online in your Property Marketing are meant to attract a buyer's eye much like traditional styling is, although the buyer isn't actually buying the furniture. Traditional styling is a very costly way to attract a buyer.


When you use virtual styling and digital furniture you allow yourself to retain a huge amount of your real estate budget, which can be used for other purposes like floor plans drone photography and professional images more and more

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Packages for virtual furniture
computer furniture price lists (2).jpg
computer furniture price lists (1).jpg

You can get a package bundle price for your virtual furniture requirements. Digital one We do bundles of three images five images 7 images and even up to 10 images so that you can create the best marketing campaign and visual online presence for your otherwise empty properties. You only get one opportunity to create a lasting impression on your buyers and customers. By utilizing digital one and choosing a great package price for your virtual furniture and digital styling requirements you will increase your chances therefore increase sales and profits.


Not to mention the ease of just selecting a package or a bundle of digital Starling from our service for stop you just select from list in our booking for when selecting virtual Furniture Options. It is very cost effective way when you're trying to create furniture using a computer to Bundle up or choose a package. It is a simple process of the more you book the cheaper the price becomes. Pricing for digital styling imagery from digital one is always and has always been quite reasonable and very affordable.

Computerised furniture and the digital world

prices for computer digital styling (2).jpg

Whether you like it or not the digital world seems to be here to stay. In an ever-changing world of marketing digital images are everywhere you look. Sadly we have begun to believe everything we see and that includes our photographs and pictures on everything from billboards to magazines. Nearly everything is now digitised in some shape or form.


We even digitise special furniture that looks for all intensive purposes real when viewed in rooms cafes warehouses offices and everywhere else we might see furniture in a natural setting.


Computerised furniture allows us the ability to show what the space may look like if it had been furnished withk heavy hard to move objects that we have lived with our whole lives.


There are digital dining room settings there are digital bedroom suites and even digital kitchen appliances right down to clocks and salt and pepper shakers. It is an endless array of digital furniture in a virtual world.

It seems like it will only become more commonplace to not only see virtual furnishings begin to expect nothing less in all of our advertising and marketing that is mostly nowadays online or through some sort of device.

There was a time when all we did was digitise a portrait of somebody to remove a small blemish which saved us putting makeup on, but nowadays even the jaw lines and brow lifting goes on, and has become all too common.
It does seem like a sad World in which nothing is really real, but in the business world if it attracts buyers, it will be uesd.  
It is by far a cheaper option and so it stands to reason that digital furniture and virtual styling, especially for properties and real estate listings is definitely here to stay.

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Q1. How much does virtual furniture cost?

A: Virtual furniture pricing, also known as digital styling, refers to the process of digitally enhancing photographs by adding virtual furniture, appliances, and other home decor elements using computer software. This technique is commonly used in real estate listings to make properties look more appealing and well-furnished

Q2. How much does it cost to get one photograph virtually furnished?

A: Digital 1 Photography charges $45 (including GST) for virtually styling one photograph with furniture and other digital elements.

Q3. What is the cost for virtually styling multiple photographs?

A: The cost for virtually styling multiple photographs is as follows:

- 2 rooms/photographs: $90 (including GST)

- 3 rooms/photographs: $135 (including GST)

- More than 3 photographs: $40 per photograph (including GST)

- More than 5 photographs: $35 per photograph (including GST)

Q4. What are the benefits of virtual furniture pricing compared to traditional staging?

A: The document highlights two main benefits of virtual furniture pricing:

1) It is significantly more cost-effective than traditional staging, which involves physically bringing in furniture and decor items, potentially costing thousands of dollars.

2) It allows real estate agents and property developers to create visually appealing listings without the hassle and expense of traditional staging.

Q5. Does Digital 1 Photography offer package deals for virtual furniture pricing?

A: Yes, Digital 1 Photography offers package deals or bundles for virtual furniture pricing. The more photographs included in the package, the lower the cost per photograph. The document mentions package options for 3, 5, 7, and up to 10 photographs.

Q6. How much does furniture cost in Australia?

A: The cost of traditional furniture staging can range from $1,000 to $5,000 or more, depending on the property size. Virtual furniture, on the other hand, can cost as little as $45 for a single photograph to be virtually styled.

Q7. How do I add virtual furniture to photos?

A: To add virtual furniture to photos, you can upload your photographs to a service like Digital 1 Photography, which will then digitally enhance them with virtual furniture. Alternatively, you can use your own software or editing tools to add virtual furniture to your images.

Q8. What is the demand for furniture in Australia?

A: The demand for virtual furniture in Australia is high, particularly in the real estate industry. Virtual furniture helps to enhance property listings, increase buyer engagement, and reduce marketing costs.

Q9. How much does virtual staging cost?

A: Virtual staging costs vary depending on the number of photographs to be virtually styled. For example, Digital 1 Photography offers packages starting at $45 for a single photograph and increasing to $135 for three photographs, with discounts for larger orders.

Q10. Why furniture online?

A: Virtual furniture is used online to enhance property listings and make them more attractive to potential buyers. It allows real estate agents to showcase properties in a more appealing and realistic way without the need for physical furniture staging.

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