Commercial Floor plans

Floor Plans for Commercial property

Which Floor Plan Do I Need?

All of our Commercial floor plans will show the layout of the business or property. 

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Office floor plans can be for several reasons. Usually to guide and direct visitors and staff to certain areas within a building layout.

With many floors and departments, it can be an advantage in time savings and reducing downtime. 

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Effective and professional warehouse floorplans showing the layout of your busy warehouse or depot. Included are all entry and exit points. Walls, parking and office spaces within.

Allow your visitors to understand your premises better and also your employees

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Evacuation floor plans are required by law for all commercial premises in operation. Showing exit points in case of an emergency allows staff and visitors to evacuate quickly without getting lost in the process. Usually intended in case of a fire in the building. 

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Commercial Site plans

Real Estate Site Plan

Our basic real estate site plan is a top view, bird’s eye view of a property that is drawn to scale. A site plan usually shows a building footprint on the block of ground, including travel ways, paths, and sheds.

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detailed site plan

Including details into your site plan gives the buyers so much more information to work with. Showing where the garden beds are situated, pathways, pools, and landscaping. Also, the Northerly aspect can seal the deal.

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Describing the many blocks within a development site can be confusing without a Development Site Plan. Digital 1 will colour to your needs, label block sizes and show the Northerly aspect.  Great for roadside sign boards.

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Who Can draw a floor plan?

Just about anyone could draw a floor plan. All you require is measuring equipment in the form of a laser measurer or possibly even tape measure. Some paper media to diagram the floor plan on to.

 However, although it may sound easy you will need some idea on the concepts of how floor plans are designed. Digital 1 team of floor plan drawing experts have a number of drawings under their belt. 

After a while, we become very in tune with how an architect thinks. Adjoining walls are placed for a reason and structural walls are also designed deliberately. It would be fair to say that after a dozen or so floor plan drawings you would possibly understand more about them. 


The first time you draw your sketch onto paper is a total mess generally. Don't worry too much this is a normal learning procedure. 


After you have drawn 1000 floor plans you will move through 90% of residential properties easily and quickly. Once you gain this type of experience in drawing floor plans the only difficult drawings are the very high-end architecturally designed mansions. They can always be a challenge given curved walls, lots of diagonals and loads of architectural creativity. My advice would be the start with one and see how you go.