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10 Stats That Prove Real Estate Agents Should Use Video Marketing

Updated: Oct 19, 2022

Video marketing is one of the leading marketing strategies to promote your business and brand. It is widely used because of its impressive benefits related to sales and return on investment (ROI). However, there are still some sectors such as real estate that flinch to use this strategy.

Well, video marketing in real estate can be a big game-changer. Ask this to someone already using this strategy and reaping desirable benefits. It is believed that the real estate agents who use video marketing see better sales while saving both their effort and time. This is because the majority of people prefer watching video content as it creates trust and credibility. Besides, videos offer more authenticity than images. Using certain video types, like drone video shots, you can showcase the aerial view of the property and the neighbouring area for a better perspective. Further, the live Q&A sessions can help resolve queries. You can additionally give life to all your videos with a quality real estate video editor so that they stand out.

Undoubtedly, video marketing is a potent tool to leverage engagement while improving the image of your brand. Through this article, we present to you 10 statistics that prove real estate video marketing can take you many levels ahead!

1. Faster growth in revenue

Real estate agents who use video marketing have seen 49% faster growth in their business as compared to those who are not using this strategy. When you invest in video marketing, it boosts your revenue by turning leads into sales. So, if you are looking forward to improving your numbers, create real estate videos that include video marketing strategies like testimonial videos, virtual tours and live sessions to multiple sales.

2. Get the best ROI

The end product of every business should be a high ROI and sales rate. A total of 51% of marketers worldwide say that the major share of their ROI is driven by video marketing. To increase the user base and following, maximum markets use different video types to improve the visibility, awareness and image of their brands. Therefore, if you are a real estate agent who is looking for proven ROI, real estate video marketing is what you need.

3. Easy purchases with video marketing

Did you know that 64% of people purchase after seeing a video on a social media channel? In the real estate world, video marketing tools play an essential role when it comes to the listing of properties and neighbouring areas. Anyone taking advantage of video marketing will have more prospects and offers in hand when it comes to having a video tour of the property. With video marketing, you can provide an edge by channelising proper communication between your customers and the real estate brand.

4. Hefty shares with social media marketing

Whenever you create real estate videos, social media marketing should be the first thing on your mind. It is estimated that with social media marketing you can generate 1200% more shares which are way ahead of images and texts combined. Social sites like Facebook and Instagram are great platforms to increase your user base by sharing your content or message. As an agent, you should regularly post on social media sites to get more shares. Certainly, word of mouth is essential but social media referrals are no less in real estate. To spread the word faster, social media sites are considered the best.

5. Increased organic traffic

To maximise the organic traffic from search engine result pages (SERPs), video marketing is important. Videos are capable of offering a 157% improvement in organic traffic. So, to increase the ranking on SERPs, consider opting for real estate video marketing. On the downside, many don’t prefer clicking the second page of results on Google or any other search engine. Therefore, you must rank high on SERPs for specific keywords. With a video marketing strategy, you can bump your blog, site, landing and social media page for the people to see and visit.

6. Landing page video largely shows up

If you put a video on the landing page, there is 53% more likelihood of it to be seen on the first page of search engines. Mostly videos are used widely to improve traffic and visibility, marketers also use them for getting listed on the first page of Google search. Create real estate videos that are search engine optimisation friendly so that they appear on the top of the search results on Google and other search engines.

7. More conversion with landing page videos

Real estate videos when put on the agent’s website homepage are more impactful in increasing the conversion rate. With the landing page videos, the conversions can increase beyond 80%. To get the best outcomes, the real estate agents are recommended to upload their business card videos on the homepages of their websites along with the message. When a video is placed on the homepage, the chances of signing up for a newsletter, requesting any information or heading to the blog page increase via a call to action.

8. Better message retention

When someone watches a video and reads a text, the better retention of the message takes place with the video content. It is estimated that people can retain 95% of messages with video content; however, the real estate industry still prefers direct mails and paper ads. So, if you want your real estate firm to stand out from the rest, it is suggested to use video content for better message retention and information delivery. Of course, texts, emails and paper ads will still make a difference, but clubbing them with video content will create a lasting impression on your prospects.

9. Increased click-through rate video emails

If a real estate agent sends emails and newsletters to the subscribers then including a video in the same can increase the click-through rate by almost 96%. Since people learn visually, instead of making them read long texts, consider letting them see video content. Videos can be uploaded on blogs and social media channels to allure potential buyers.

10. When there is a video on a website, the chances of anyone spending more time on the site increase by 88%. So, if you are a real estate agent who wants their clients to stay on the page for a long while to know more about the business, consider adding video content. Using video content, you not just inform better about your company but also spread more knowledge about your products and services. Videos can additionally be used by agents to introduce themselves while explaining to viewers their working style.


Video marketing is an unbeatable strategy for any business. Using video content you can deliver a clear message, grow online traffic, boost revenue and offer credibility to your brand. So, if you want to take your real estate business to another level, think about incorporating promotional video content.

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I have been working for a real estate agency in the advertising department for a long time. We create short videos that we later post all over social media. At first there were problems with downloading, but later they told us about free hd video converters and we began uploading our short videos to the Internet without any problems. I'll be honest, it really helped increase our sales!

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