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Welcome to digital 1's blog page. You will find lots of information about photography. There are many types of photography that digital 1 capture including commercial photography, real estate photography, portraits, and lots of other interesting types of work.

During your time on the following pages, we have created a menu below for you to quickly sort and view all the information on photography that you require. These photography posts help you to understand more of what we do here at digital 1.

How to start photography for yourself

Updated: Oct 19, 2022

Find your inspiration

Do you find yourself taking portraits the most? Do you fancy abstract imagery or stunning landscapes?

Perhaps you would like to try event photography? Or do you simply want to catch every moment and object that catches your eye?

Whatever it is that made you want to get into photography, hang on to it and use it as your inspiration to grow and follow your new passion. A good way to find your inspiration and ideas is to figure out what you already like to do. If you like travelling, you can start by being a travel photographer. Also, if you’re into sports, you can be an action and sports photographer. Always try out different types of photography that interest you!

Rain drops on leaves
Wet Leaves

Get a good camera

Once you’ve got a pretty good idea of what you want your topic to be, the only other thing you really need to start taking those amazing stills is a good camera.

Today’s non-professional photographers are lucky to have a wide variety of cameras that they can get their hands on. Just a few years ago, there was a huge gap between point-and-shoot cameras and professional DSLR cameras in regards to image quality and price.

Anybody who’s just starting to learn photography can now purchase budget mid-pro mirror less cameras that are not only very lightweight but also highly capable of delivering professional, quality images. But whatever you choose, it’s key that you learn how to work your new camera, and that it fits your preferred type of photography.

Residential House Photo
Twilight House Photography

Learn how to ‘read’ light

One of the most pivotal factors that can make or break a photo is light. Therefore, it’s important that a photographer learns how to use it to his or her advantage.

Any photographer can get by with ambient light like diffused sunlight or existing indoor lighting to capture images, but learning to position your subject or added light sources can give your photos a different touch and feel.

When you’re just starting photography and don’t have access to light modifiers and slave flashes yet, it helps when you can “read” the direction of light and change it using props such as reflectors and light filters to manually create new highlights, shadows, and silhouettes within any scene.



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