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Welcome to digital 1's blog page. You will find lots of information about photography. There are many types of photography that digital 1 capture including commercial photography, real estate photography, portraits, and lots of other interesting types of work.

During your time on the following pages, we have created a menu below for you to quickly sort and view all the information on photography that you require. These photography posts help you to understand more of what we do here at digital 1.

Weather & Photography

Updated: Nov 11, 2022


How weather can effect your property photography

A lot of people assume that a bright sunny day is the best day for taking photographs of their home. Actually, a bright sunny day can be hazardous because it casts many long Shadows across the property and areas to be photographed.

In the editing process removing harsh dark shadows is very difficult and time-consuming. When searching for properties for sale try to take note of those properties with shadows and others without. Unless the home itself is in full sun it may have shadow problems.

The worst kind of Sydney properties to photograph and make look correct in its exposure are those with huge trees surrounding them which cast nasty Shadows from the sun across the face of the property or the photograph being taken.

When you see properties that are photographed In slightly more overcast days this eliminates the shadow effect and appears much cleaner to the viewer.

I've created a small video outlining the shadow problem on a Sydney property that I photographed not long ago. I will post it soon. Notice how when I wait for the sun to go away the shadows drop away to nothing at all leaving the home with the less contrasted look and much cleaner feel.

There are often times when I arrive at a house to be photographed that I will look up into the sky and check the cloud coverage to estimate whether or not with the moving clouds that the sun may be covered soon. At times it is a bit of a race to get set up for the external photographs and chase those clouds to achieve the perfect result 1 minute can make the difference between a great shot and nasty splattered light, real estate photograph.




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