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Welcome to digital 1's blog page. You will find lots of information about photography. There are many types of photography that digital 1 capture including commercial photography, real estate photography, portraits, and lots of other interesting types of work.

During your time on the following pages, we have created a menu below for you to quickly sort and view all the information on photography that you require. These photography posts help you to understand more of what we do here at digital 1.

Take Your Listings to New Heights with Drone & Aerial photography

Looking to make your real estate listings stand out and boost sales? Aerial photography with drones provides stunning elevated views that transform property showcases and highlight features in a unique way.

Discover how drone photography and aerial photography can help enhance your real estate listings.

Improve Real Estate listings with Drone & Aerial photography 

Incorporating high-quality aerial photography into listings gives potential buyers captivating perspectives of the property and surrounding area.

Drone shots showcase your listings from above, providing a bird’s eye view that appeals visually and sparks interest in the property.

With this strategic visual marketing, you can showcase residential or commercial real estate in the best possible light.

Drone photography enables you to:

  • Provide panoramic shots of the home exterior, yard, neighborhood, and more

  • Capture the property boundaries from an aerial perspective

  • Feature nearby community amenities and attractions

  • Create an immersive experience with video walkthroughs from above

  • Highlight standout home features like pools, tennis courts, or landscaping

  • Differentiate listings with unique aerial views that competitors can’t match

In a sea of real estate listings with similar photography, incorporating drone shots can give you a distinct competitive edge.

Why Drone Photography is Transforming Real Estate Marketing

Aerial and drone photography in real estate

Drone technology has unlocked new possibilities for real estate marketing. UAV photography provides easy access to aerial views that were once difficult and expensive to capture.

With a small consumer drone and basic photography skills, agents can now produce their own professional aerial imagery. This makes elevating your listings with a bird's eye perspective more accessible.

Some key advantages of drones in real estate include:

  • Remote photography - Safely and easily photograph hard-to-reach locations

  • Advanced imaging capabilities like 4K video, panoramas, VR tours and more

  • Maneuverability to capture properties from all angles above

  • Cost-effectiveness - Drones are budget-friendly compared to manned aircraft

  • Cutting-edge drones with obstacle avoidance, auto-flight modes and stabilization

  • Portability - Easily transport drones to properties for spur-of-the-moment shots

Forward-thinking agents leverage drone photography to create visual marketing assets that capture attention and drive engagement. Stand out from the competition with these elevated views.

Captivate Buyers with Stunning Aerial Perspectives

Aerial and drone photography in real estate

Imagine showcasing listings with captivating aerial views that provide a whole new dimension. This is the power of drone photography.

From sprawling acreage properties to inner-city apartments, aerial shots highlight the best features of any real estate. A mix of wide establishing drone shots along with closer detail aerials brings properties to life for potential buyers.

Residential Real Estate

For homes, aerial photography can capture attention with:

  • Sweeping shots over the home exterior and yard

  • Pool, landscaping, and outdoor entertainment areas

  • Proximity to schools, parks, and amenities

  • Boundaries, fences, and access points on acreage

  • The surrounding neighborhood and community

Stitching drone photos together into panoramic shots creates an even more immersive experience for online listings.

Commercial Real Estate

Commercial properties also shine when showcased with:

  • Industrial site plans and infrastructure

  • Retail building facades and signage

  • Amenities like parking and green spaces

  • Activity and circulation patterns on the site

Even boutique retail stores can benefit from interior drone shots to complement their brand image.

No matter the property type, aerial views provide perspectives that simply can’t be conveyed from the ground. Listings gain visual appeal to make properties more tantalizing to buyers.

Gain a Competitive Edge with Quality Drone Photography

Drone technology has grown more advanced, with consumer UAVs able to capture stunning high-resolution imagery. When combined with photographic technique, drone photography produces professional results.

Agents who utilize high-quality drone photography gain an edge over competitors. Precision aerial shots showcase listings in the best possible light.

Significant improvements in drone technology mean real estate shots now rival traditional manned aerial photography. Modern UAVs deliver:

  • High-resolution imagery - Large sensors capture 20MP+ detail

  • Crystal clear images - Integrated stabilization produces sharp shots without blurring

  • Cinematic quality video - 4K and high frame rate recording options

  • Safety features like obstacle avoidance sensors

  • User-friendly apps for planning automated flight paths

All this makes it easier than ever for agents to produce brilliant aerial photography themselves. Invest in a commercial-grade drone, learn proper photographic techniques, and even basic shots will impress buyers.

Boost Sales and Listing Performance with Aerial Photography

Showcasing listings with aerial photography provides measurable benefits beyond the “wow” factor. Integrating UAV shots into property marketing can:

  • Increase listing views - Visually appealing drone photography attracts more buyers

  • Improve click-through rates - Aerial shots pique interest, driving engagement

  • Shorten time on market - Unique perspectives entice buyers to act quicker

  • Command higher prices - Enhanced marketing asserts a premium property image

  • Build your brand - High-quality drone photography conveys professionalism

For a relatively minor investment, drones deliver excellent ROI. The sales and marketing edge outweighs the minimal costs.

Photography plays a crucial role in real estate’s digital evolution. Drone shots provide new creative possibilities for showcasing listings. Take advantage of this marketing opportunity before your competitors do!

Real Estate Drone Photography Tips

Ready to start incorporating aerial shots into listings? Here are some handy tips:

  1. Learn the regulations - Stay up to date on UAV rules like maximum heights and proximity to airports. Reference the FAA website and local ordinances.

  2. Gain photography skills - Practice controlling your drone camera and capturing different types of property shots.

  3. Highlight standout features - Use aerial photography to showcase amenities like pools, decks, yards and more.

  4. Emphasize boundaries - For acreage, aerials clearly convey fencing, access points, structures and borders.

  5. Capture neighborhood overview shots - Wider drone shots showcase surrounding amenities and the development context.

  6. Use videos to tell a story - Create engaging aerial tours that highlight home features as you fly over and around the property.

  7. Enhance online listings - Feature a mix of aerial still photos and video walkthroughs to drive digital engagement.

  8. Be safe - Follow regulations, keep a visual on your drone at all times, and remain clear of people, vehicles and buildings.

Elevate Listings with Professional Drone Photography Services

Looking for professional-grade real estate aerial photography? Consider hiring a drone photography specialist.

Experienced drone pilots know how to safely capture properties from above in the most stunning, compelling ways. They bring:

  • Top-of-the-line UAV equipment engineered for commercial use

  • Knowledge of regulations and permits for legal flight operations

  • Advanced flying skills and mastery of controlling the aircraft

  • Artistic talent for photographic composition and imagery

  • Expertise in areas like 360 VR tours, photogrammetry, HD video, and more

Leave the drone flying to the professionals while you focus on real estate sales and marketing strategy. Aerial photography specialists make it easy to showcase listings from new heights.

Take Your Real Estate Marketing Above and Beyond

As real estate imagery grows more sophisticated, aerial photography raises listings above the competition. Drone technology makes elevated perspectives accessible and affordable.

Integrate breathtaking drone shots into your listings for unique visual appeal that captivates buyers. Showcase your properties as they’ve never been seen before with compelling aerial photography.

The sky's the limit when you tap into the power of drone marketing! Reach new heights in real estate and soar ahead of the pack with aerial photography.

See for yourself how aerial drone photography can elevate your listings! Get in touch with the experts at Digital1 to discuss capturing stunning high-resolution aerial shots of your properties. Contact Digital1 today to explore affordable aerial photography packages tailored to showcase your real estate listings from above and give them the edge. Take your marketing to the next level and unlock the power of drone technology with Digital1.


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