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Welcome to digital 1's blog page. You will find lots of information about photography. There are many types of photography that digital 1 capture including commercial photography, real estate photography, portraits, and lots of other interesting types of work.

During your time on the following pages, we have created a menu below for you to quickly sort and view all the information on photography that you require. These photography posts help you to understand more of what we do here at digital 1.

Virtual Furniture Explained

Updated: Nov 1, 2023

The term "VIRTUAL FURNITURE" is self-explanatory; it refers to furniture that is virtual......

And when I say virtual, I don't mean furniture that doesn't exist in the physical world we live in because it isn't true!

It's a kind of digital furniture that can be inserted into images of empty rooms.

This room has been professionally photographed but is empty without furniture.
Empty Room
THis room has been furnished using virtual furniture to enhance the home buyers experience and give a more professional appearance.
Virtually Furnished room

So, why should you use virtual furniture instead of actual furniture?

As photographers, we strongly recommend staging a home with furniture before selling it. It improves the look of our pictures and helps my clients sell more homes and get more money from their vendors.

However, getting true style into a home isn't always possible. Perhaps the vendor doesn't have the funds to hire furniture for $2500–$4500, or they don't have the time to have a home staged, or the vendor is a tightwad.

If you have a listing that isn't getting any traction, a quick remedy is to add some virtual furniture to it.

Whatever the case may be, there is always the choice of using virtual furniture.

Here are some of the explanations for this:

  • It's less expensive – starting at $45 per photo.

  • It's fast – it takes less than 24 hours to complete.

  • You can choose from a variety of different styles to complement any home.

This is an empty living room that requires digital styling to help it sell.
Empty Living Room

A Virtually furnished room complete with digital furniture and computer generated items.
Virtually furnished room

So, how do you make virtual furniture?

Digital furniture can be added to a picture in two ways.

I'll discuss both approaches.

The first process is known as the cut-and-paste procedure.

The picture editors attempt to bend and stretch furniture from another image to match the new empty space photo.

This is a cheap and fast method that, in our opinion, does not look very fine.

The second procedure and favoured approach is a 3D modelling, which involves placing 3d modelled furniture into a scene using 3d software and adjusting lighting, shadows, and colour casts to insure the furniture appears 100% accurate and authentic.

This process takes a lot longer, but it produces a much better outcome when performed correctly by professional artists.

So, what is the price of virtual staging?

Prices differ by supplier; you can expect to pay anywhere from $25 for simple cut and paste furniture to $150+ per picture for custom work and generally full 3D rendering

Digital 1 is in the centre, with most prices ranging from $45 to $65 per image, depending on the number of images ordered.

If you have any concerns about virtual furniture and whether it's the right step for your next campaign, call Digital 1 on 0434379165 for Virtual Furniture pricing


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